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Rosie Rosie
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Rosie is a 9 month old and she is a great friend. Rosie loves one of my cats called Sammy. She always licks his face and Rosie loves going to the park. She understands the word walkies. As soon as someone says it, she runs to get her lead. She is my best friend. Life would be so quiet without her.
Susie Kenny
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Holly Holly
Yorkshire Terrier
She is small, very cute and sweet.
Nat H
England England

Kye Kye
German Shepherd Dog
My dog is a rescue dog and only 18 months old. Unfortunately not of his own doing, he was in kennels for 11 months before I was the very fortunate one to become his owner. I've had him 6 weeks and he has a few problems, but is giving me and my children many hours of fun and walking. It is amazing how quickly we can come to love him so much. I want to share him with other dog lovers.
Debbie Chudleigh
England England

Sally Sally
Jack Russell Terrier
She cost me 5 english pounds and I trained her to use the indoor toilet to save on mess and to save me getting out of bed at night.
Derek Wells
England England

Bruno Bruno
Bruno is 3 1/2 months now but this is a pic of him when he was a baby. He loves having a bath, having a walk and playing with his toys. He is an absolute dream to own and as he is my first Rottie he has me hooked for life :) We love him dearly and our love grows for him each and every day.
D. C.
England England

Harvey-John Harvey-John
Shih Tzu
Harvey-John is almost 4 years old. He is so much fun, he makes me smile and laugh every day!
Claire Kornaker
England, UK England, UK

Barney Barney
My dog's name is Barney. We have had him since he was 8 weeks old, he is now 2 1/2. He is the most cheekiest dog I have ever known. He is not allowed on the beds so he waits till we have gone out and runs straight upstairs. He loves chasing our 3 cats and loves going for long walks in the park where he can play with his friend Millow. I would never be without Barney, he is great fun yet very loving. I think he deserves a 10/10 for being the best dog :o)
Beccy Sexton

Ted & Baby Ted & Baby
Shih Tzu
Ted & Baby
This is Ted & Baby at Christmas.
Nicci Hewitt
British British

Lady Lady
Not Forgotten
Lady was the most beautiful Rough Collie...a typical 'Lassie' dog. She came to me,age 5, via rescue having been very badly treated. Initially she was very nervous but soon learnt to trust and became my best friend for 8 years. She came everywhere with me and although she has been gone for 19 years now, she will never be forgotten. I think about her every day and will never stop loving her.
Julie Miles
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Roxy Roxy
Not Forgotten
Roxy has recently passed away at the age of 14 years. She was fit and active to the end just like her old friend Timmy. Roxy was an ex-racing greyhound and was with me for 9 years. She and Timmy made a great pair of brindle Greyhounds and went everywhere together. After Timmy died, Roxy followed in his footsteps just two months later.I miss them both so much.
Julie Miles
United Kingdom United Kingdom

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