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Lady and Skye Lady and Skye
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Lady and Skye
I have two beautiful little girls. Lady is my Blenheim Cavalier. The name suits her so well; she really does think she is special amongst my other animals in the house. Only the best for her, even looking at her father with those eyes all the naughtiness she caused goes out the window. Skye is my Tri-Cavalier, my other little girl. She has such adorable ears, they are long. She's not as clever as Lady so we wonder sometimes if we should have called her dumbo lol. She is ever so cheeky and loves crawling up anybody's neck just to go asleep. Both of my babies are only 10 months old and they part of our busy family and we love them loads. Who could not like them, especially when they look at you with those eyes.
Paulo Abbott
British British

Bramble Bramble
Bramble is now 5 weeks old so I thought you would like to see how much she has grown. We only have to wait three more weeks until we can go and fetch her now. I can't wait!!!
Rory T.

Alfie Alfie
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Here is Alfie at 5 months old. He is 10 months old now and really filling out. He is very playful and very funny! He loves to play with his ball and rope.
Lorraine Daniel

Bramble Bramble
Hi, this is Bramble. We don't have her yet because she is only 2 weeks old. Mum says we can go and collect her in 5 weeks! I love her already! Rory (aged 8)
Rory T.

Masie Masie
Jack Russell Terrier
Her bark is horrible but she is a lovely dog.
Sarah Geller
British British

Zeus Zeus
Neapolitan Mastiff
Zeus is special..... :) he is scared of the dark :|!
Clare Selsby
England England

Barney Barney
He is now 9 years old and is a Pedrigree Smooth Collie (Tricolour).
Amy Pace

Tyra Tyra
Tyra is the first dog leading to my dream, I hope to be a professional breeder someday. Tyra is 3 weeks old and is already boss.
Vicky Butler
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Glitter Glitter
Afghan Hound
This is my Afghan Hound Glitter. She is gorgeous isn't she? I found her on the streets when she was a little puppy and I have been with her ever since!!
Doug McGromac
Britain Britain

Hannah Hannah
Mixed Breed
She is fun to play with but has epilepsy so she can't get too tired out.
Sarah Woolger
British British

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