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Clare Clare
Mixed Breed
Wuzzie is 5 years old and a Collie/Spaniel and loves her ball. She is one hyper dog we love to bits!!
Clare W

Chester and Daisy Brent Chester and Daisy Brent
Shih Tzu
Chester and Daisy Brent
Chester & Daisy are inseparable, even though there is a 6 year age gap. They wake up in the morning & do everything together for the rest of the day. They are the younger brother & sister of Lucy Brent. Our lives would be empty without them.
Anna Brent
London, England London, England

Cadair Cadair
Labrador Retriever
Not Forgotten
Cadair is a Chocolate Brown Labrador. He is 4 months old and do we know we have got him! Cheeky, Playful & Independent! Everyone that meets him falls for his GREEN EYES! They must be hypnotic!
Sally Goulthorp
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Wuzzie Wuzzie
Mixed Breed
Wuzzie is 5 years old and a Collie/Spaniel. She loves to play, she is never tired and loves the beach and the park where she can play ball.
Clare W

Lucy Brent Lucy Brent
Shih Tzu
Lucy Brent
Lucy is the 1st of 3 that we have. She is 8 years old and has a beautiful temperament. She has so much love to give. I take her to work with me during the day and she is a real pleasure. I love having her by my side when I am in the car driving. I love her with all my heart.
Anna Brent
London, England London, England

Bud Bud
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Fun loving family dog who loves to play and loves people and other dogs. His name is Bud and his colours are white and red and he is a 5th generation pedigree Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He is 10 months old and loves children. One of his favourite treats is Chinese takeaway on a Friday night.
Liam Davis
Great Britain Great Britain

Chino Chino
Just over 6 months old, this is my puppy Chino and his dad Morgan. The kennel he originally came from is in Wales. He was the smallest in his litter of nine, but he is making up for it now!
Gabs M

Flora Flora
Labrador Retriever
Flora is a Labrador. She is 8 months old and is very big. She is great with dogs and children and people. She is very cuddly and loves to play.
Charlotte F
U.K. U.K.

Kenji-Kenneth Kenji-Kenneth
Shih Tzu
Kenji is a happy dog, who brings my husband and I much happiness.
Claire Kornaker
England England

Vikki Vikki
Not Forgotten
Vikki KC name Sulez Spicegirl of Delaws was a very posh, so she had to have the name Victoria. That is where the spice came into it, and her daughter is called Beck. Vikki was a great show and is greatly missed as we lost our posh on the 22/04/05 at the young age of 7 years.
Dawn Law
British British

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