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Lili Lili
Australian Shepherd
Lili is a rescue dog that has been given a wonderful home! She loves to patrol her backyard and loves to play with her football!
Michal Socha
New Jersey New Jersey

Peanut, Ut Doots & Cuddles Peanut, Ut Doots & Cuddles
Peanut, Ut Doots & Cuddles
Well, here are our s for Halloween. As usual, took many pics to get the best shot. Still cannot get rid of the glow in the eyes, but I guess it is appropriate for Halloween. They are good sports as usual.
Robin A.
Tucson, Arizona Tucson, Arizona

Cookie Cookie
Yorkshire Terrier
Cookie in this picture is 6 months old. She is the most wonderful, affectionate, playful dog I ever seen. She's a very quiet dog usually keeps everything to pretty herself. She never sleeps alone and usually likes to sleep on a pillow. Cookie loves being outside so everyone in the house takes turns and she usually gets to go out 4-5 times a day.
Manoj Thakur
New York, Jamaica New York, Jamaica

Coconut Coconut
Scottish Terrier
Loves to play ball.
Suzanne S
Wilton, CT, USA Wilton, CT, USA

Daisy Daisy
Scottish Terrier
Not Forgotten
wonderful Scotty.
Suzanne S
Dallas, Texas USA Dallas, Texas USA

India India
Poodle (Standard)
India wins again in the 2008 HOWL-O-WEEN dog costume contest, as fayrieIndia. She is always excited when we start making costumes. She is a great companion. She will be seven yrs. old in Nov.
January Eldred
Florida Florida

Buster Buster
Basset Hound
Here is my lazy basset.
Jonas Karlinsey
Idaho Idaho

Tank And Java Tank And Java
Labrador Retriever
Tank And Java
This is an alternative pic of Java with our other Lab Tank. would you post this instead? or use both? thank you, Matt and Kim
Matthew Thompson
mesa az usa mesa az usa

Java Java
Labrador Retriever
Java is 1. 5yr old. he love the water and loves to play hide and seek. thanks
Matthew Thompson
mesa az usa mesa az usa

Amos Moses Amos Moses
Amos Moses
Amos loves to ride!
Robert Bennett

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