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Sassy Sassy
Miniature Schnauzer
I'll be 2 years old August 22 and I can't wait until it's my birthday. My Mom and Dad love me so much they take for walks every day, to the doggy beauty shop once a month and to my Grandma's house. I'm a mini- minature pardi schnauzer and I weigh 8 pounds. I'm a picky eater because I've been spoiled. I can't help it I'm so cute!

Shyanne Shyanne
Miniature Schnauzer
Shyanne is 9 months old. Shyanne likes to watch for us out the window from the top of the sofa. She's as fast as lightning and loves to chase rabbits. She hops like a kangaroo from person to person. She is very smart cute and loveable. Shyanne's favorite color is pink, which goes well with her heart collar.
Geraldine Lebsack

Hattie Hattie
Miniature Schnauzer
Hattie is a dark salt and pepper and is now 10 months old. She is a real little sweetie, very friendly to everyone and all dogs. As yet she has only barked twice! Loves to cuddle up in the evening and wants to give you loads of kisses. We are doing training and hope to try agility when she is old enough.
South Wales South Wales

Madammossele Abagail Rose Madammossele Abagail Rose
Miniature Schnauzer
Madammossele Abagail Rose
Abby is salt & pepper and we have had the pleasure of owning her since she was a pup. She is extremely affectionate and very smart and very obedient. She loves people to pieces and seems to think she's a little person.
Sally V.
New York, USA New York, USA

Rocco Rocco
Miniature Schnauzer
This is Rocco, a 1.5 year old Miniature Schnauzer boy from multi champion parents. We do not attend dog shows, he is too big for that. He is our sweetheart :D
Heidi Å
Finland Finland

Kimmey Sue Kimmey Sue
Miniature Schnauzer
Kimmey Sue
Kimmey is an eleven year old Miniature Schnauzer. She loves to have her picture taken. She loves to go for walks, play with her tennis ball, play tug of war and carry around her 11 year old stuffed Garfield. She is very intelligent and knows the names of all her toys.
Cathy Bray

Molly Marie Molly Marie
Miniature Schnauzer
Molly Marie
Molly is the most laid back dog I have ever had and she is just like a newborn baby so meek and mild. She rarely ever barks and jumps like a kangaroo or a bunny. Yes she is a bouncer. She has a sister, Macy May that is the complete opposite of her. Molly is white Macy is black. Molly is calm, Macy is not. They are my little babies.

Little Lady Lexie Little Lady Lexie
Miniature Schnauzer
Little Lady Lexie
Lexie is a rescued dog who is a sweet, laid back little darling.

Lucky Lucky
Miniature Schnauzer
This is our 3 year old little boy! He doesn't think he is really a dog! We love him alot! He loves to play in the snow. He makes everyday brighter for us!
United States United States

Merris Merris
Miniature Schnauzer
"I'm not quite convinced that giving in to your demands is worth this nummy Sid... "
Terry B.
Switzerland and Canada Switzerland and Canada

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