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Merris Merris
Miniature Schnauzer
Merris taking her afternoon siesta.
Terry B.
Switzerland and Canada Switzerland and Canada

Max Max
Miniature Schnauzer
Max a loving and kind dog. He will always sulk if left out of a cuddle.
Carys Clarke
South Wales South Wales

Jackson Jackson
Miniature Schnauzer
Jack loves to sing, dance, play with the doggy in the mirror, catch some air from the car window, wrestle with his giant stuffed "Piggy", and snuggle with you on the couch, or on your feet while you're working!
K Conklin

Skye Diggers Skye Diggers
Miniature Schnauzer
Skye Diggers
This wee cutie is Skye, she is nearly 1 and a half now. I added Diggers on to her name cos she is always digging and usually has a face covered in soil. She is such a happy little girl even when I put wee t-shirts on her like this one!
Allie P
Scotland Scotland

Lucas Antonio Lucas Antonio
Miniature Schnauzer
Lucas Antonio
He is a very playful, smart and spoiled puppy. He likes when mommy and papa cuddle him...he also loves when we take him out to the park for a picnic. Sometimes he is kind of hyper, but very obedient. Now we are taking him to training classes and he is one of the smarter ones!
Viviana Capella

Silver Star Diaz Silver Star Diaz
Miniature Schnauzer
Silver Star Diaz
This is Silver Star Diaz. He is a pure bred and is really energetic. He loves anyone who enters our front door. He is REALLY friendly. He is Salt and Pepper. He loves to sleep. He thinks he's human and sleeps on his back with a pillow and blanket over him. He thinks he's the boss. He loves to sleep with us on our beds. He annoys you while you're trying to sleep because he wants you to pet him! I LOVE MY SILVER STAR!
Silver Star

Brandy Brandy
Miniature Schnauzer
Brandy is a very loving dog and loves to be in the company of people. She loves to interact with other dogs and especially loves chasing cats and birds.
James Theseira
Singapore Singapore

Puppies Puppies
Miniature Schnauzer
These are our puppies born March 2005. They are so lovely. We had a hard time when they left.
Yolanda Moret
Nederland Nederland

Igor Igor
Miniature Schnauzer
He is a nice and lovely dog, very special. You either adore him or hate him.
Cai Colman
Belgium Belgium

Newman Newman
Miniature Schnauzer
More personality than we ever could have imagined, Newman is the king of the house. It seems he is the alpha male when it comes to our household. He is always getting what he wants!
Emily Tesson

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