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Bala Bala
Miniature Schnauzer
I purchased my dog when I was walking up to pay for a Bala Shark at the local pet store. I saw her in the cage and asked to hold her and just a few minutes later I said I would take the dog and not the fish. That is how she got her name. She is a great little girl ready to turn five on January 19.
Mike Sheehan
Ohio, USA Ohio, USA

Yukon Yukon
Miniature Schnauzer
Yukon is a strong-willed little guy with a loving personality. He pushes others aside to get the attention.
S. V.

Bailey and Brandy Bailey and Brandy
Miniature Schnauzer
Bailey and Brandy
These are our two "girls". We just love them. They are so much fun and a little mischievous. We named Bailey after seeing a commercial for Bailey's Creme. She is 1 year old. We got Brandy for Christmas this year. She is 4 months old.
Michael and Sherry Locati
Washington, USA Washington, USA

Bailey Bailey
Miniature Schnauzer
Bailey is a one year old Mini-Schnauzer who howls like a wolf to get us (Mom and Dad) to play with her. She loves to cuddle and snuggle with us. In fact, she puts herself right in the middle of me and my husband in bed and once she does that there is no way we can get her out. She had her first camping trip last summer in Algonquin Park. She wasn't too keen of the water but did not mind the canoe ride at all. She loved hiking the trail too.
Eric and Aimee D.
Canada Canada

Beau Beau
Miniature Schnauzer
Beau was born in Texas in November of 2003, and flown to Jersey City, NJ in late October of 2004 via Continental Airlines. Like his owner Stan, Beau has a healthy appetite and has a "shoot em'up" attitude about play and life in general. He's very smart and loves the attention he gets from other dogs and children.
Stan Vincent Alingod
Jersy City, NJ USA Jersy City, NJ USA

Poochyena Poochyena
Miniature Schnauzer
Poochyena was born on May 5, 2004. She is a little bit small for her age, but obviously very adorable. She is extremely energetic and loves to bite feet. She is very intelligent and continues to impress us every day. We absolutely love her.
Chrissy M.

Gracie Gracie
Miniature Schnauzer
This is Gracie at 10 weeks old. We only brought her home 5 days ago (21/11/2004). She is the joy and energy of the family...next to my wife!
Melvin Kuo
Malaysia Malaysia

Tintin Tintin
Miniature Schnauzer
I am Tintin. My mom and dad appear here, a couple of pages before (Olivia and Fred). I am fat, cute and impossible! My hobby is to figure out new ways of running away...nothing can stop me. But I am very very happy here, just want to explore the world around...
Daniela Fazzio
Brazil Brazil

Sarge Sarge
Miniature Schnauzer
This is me as a puppy, just getting used to my new mommy!!
Michelle T.

Baby, Maggie, Peekapoo Baby, Maggie, Peekapoo
Miniature Schnauzer
Baby, Maggie, Peekapoo
Love my girls, they are my children!!!
Shelley Hanna

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