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Babeyorkie Minnie Babeyorkie Minnie
Yorkshire Terrier
Babeyorkie Minnie
Minnie is 11 months old. She is sweet and very loving. Minnie loves to wear her sun glasses. When we go out she sits in her pouch and looks around and if she could talk, she would say I'm a super star *.

Cujo Cujo
Yorkshire Terrier
Cujo is a Yorkshire Terrier with a big attitude! He is very lovable though, don't let his name intimidate you! Since he looked so delicate and small, we had to give him a big tough name...that was huge mistake! Now he acts like he rules the house, he's very demanding, and has one weird personality! But he's always our number one dog! Cujo likes to steal laundry, bite at your feet, and leave surprises. But he also loves to go for walks, cuddle, and take long naps on clean clothes. He was just black and a light brown as a puppy, but now that he's turned one, some of his coat is a shiny silver and light gold. He has little deep brown eyes that are almost like a teddy bear's...Cujo also likes to go for lots of walks, he likes his toy, or his "dolly" as our family calls it. He also likes ropes and oven mitts to chew on and play with. His treats, are called "cookies" and his sliced up hot dogs are called, "wienies". We've called them that ever since he was little, so he knows exactly what they are!
Lauren D.

Levi Levi
Yorkshire Terrier
Hi! My name is Levi Garrett Sabastian and I am a 7 weeks old, 2 lb. puppy! My mommy loves to put me on the net to show me off like she has my cousin Roxy-YT and I love to play with her and chew on all my new toys! My husband and I adore and love this little guy! He is such a sweet and loving puppy!
MaryJane Rainey
Tennessee, USA Tennessee, USA

Gandalf Gandalf
Yorkshire Terrier
Gandalf is an eight pound, two year old Yorkie who loves posing for the camera almost as much as he loves to eat pizza crust. He spends his days with his younger sister Maya; a 70lb Shepherd getting into mischief and fending off postal workers, joggers and the occasional squirrel.
Chris and Laura Schueler
Missouri, USA Missouri, USA

Mr. BoJanges aka Bubber Mr. BoJanges aka Bubber
Yorkshire Terrier
Mr. BoJanges aka Bubber
Bubber loves to go outside run and play with his two sisters and LOVES to eat! He also loves kisses from his mommy, sleeps next to her every night..
Sharon Reid
New York, USA New York, USA

Roxy Roxy
Yorkshire Terrier
She is such a sweetheart. She aims to please, but one thing is for certain about this 5 lb. Yorkie she's ROTTEN! :) She is such a blessing to my husband and I and we love her so much! She has our full attention 100% of the time when we are at home with her! She is the best friend a person could have as far as a pet!
MaryJane Rainey

Cleo Cleo
Yorkshire Terrier
My name is Cleo, in this picture I was only three months old.
Danny Pavani
Italia Italia

Lilli Lilli
Yorkshire Terrier
Lilli at 5 Months old. She is Rotten!!
Kristi C.

Suzie Cue Suzie Cue
Yorkshire Terrier
Suzie Cue
This dog is full of energy and looooooooves to bite. So watch out!!!
B. H.
Kentucky, USA Kentucky, USA

Princess Princess
Yorkshire Terrier
Hi, my name is Princess and I am a Yorkshire Terrier! I love to play with my Mommy! I hate getting baths! My Mommy calls me "The Little Sock Stealer" because I steal socks from my Mommy! Ha ha I love getting into mischief! My Mommy spoils me ALOT! My Mommy loves me even though I get into trouble ALOT and I love her back just as much, maybe even more!
Megan Remchick
Florida, USA Florida, USA

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