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Chloe Chloe
Yorkshire Terrier
She is very smart and really hyper! So spoiled and a big baby but we love her. She is just like a family member and her name gets signed on all the cards!
Alberta Alberta

Beba Beba
Yorkshire Terrier
This is Beba, she just turned 7 on new years eve. Cute as can be, very intelligent and full of life, we love her very much.
Bebana Bebana
Arizona Arizona

Carter And Armani Carter And Armani
Yorkshire Terrier
Carter And Armani
Carter is a friendly dog who loves taking pictures. Armani is new but he follows everything carter does! They do not ever leave my side
Alyssa Costanzo
Omaha, Nebraska Omaha, Nebraska

Harley Harley
Yorkshire Terrier
Harley loves to cuddle and loves his treat, and treats. (LOL) He is 1 year old & loves his mom & dad.
Harley G
Dyer, Indiana Dyer, Indiana

Sophie Sophie
Yorkshire Terrier
Sophie have cute puppies for sale............
Xar Gili

Mimi Mimi
Yorkshire Terrier
She is going to be three years old and she always follows me around the huse and waits for me by the door when i am not home. She is scared of flashing lights and any loud noise.
Ronny Roizin
brooklyn, Ny brooklyn, Ny

Milo Milo
Yorkshire Terrier
Milo is a 1 year and 3 months old yorkie baby who loves to sit and relax on the beach with his family. He is may be very naughty but I cant imagine life without my cutie!
Maddisson Lewis
Dubai,UAE Dubai,UAE

My Daisy Girl My Daisy Girl
Yorkshire Terrier
My Daisy Girl
Daisy is a sensitive girl with soulful eyes, who loves walks and chasing squirrels. She loves bows and ribbons but hates dresses (not easy to chase squirrels in a dress). Loves to hang out with her brothers Gianni (Yorkie) & Nikko (Chihuahua).
Ana D
Plantation, Fl Plantation, Fl

Gianni Gianni
Yorkshire Terrier
My beautiful Gigi aka:lovey, is the sweetest angel. He loves car rides, walks, anything or anywhere where there ar lots of people. He knows how to smile and does it when he sees someone smile. He's gentle & loving to his siter Daisy & brother Nikko. We love him more than words can say!
Ana D
Plantation, Fl Plantation, Fl

Lambchop Lambchop
Yorkshire Terrier
this is our little angel lambchop..
Shelly Fisher
South Carolina South Carolina

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