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Elvis Elvis
Yorkshire Terrier
9 months old.

Soleil Soleil
Yorkshire Terrier
Soleil is 6 months old and just under 4 pounds. She is a real sweetheart!! When she turns one we will take the steps so she can become a therapy dog!!
Dawn B
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Wookie Wookie
Yorkshire Terrier
Wookie is an answer to a prayer. My daughter has wanted a yorkie for a long time but could not afford one. This little fellow was given to us by a lady who found her older dogs were not adjusted well to the new puppy. He has brought much joy into a home desperately in need of his delightful sweetness and playfulness. What a godsend.
Ja H

Shelby The Smart Dog Shelby The Smart Dog
Yorkshire Terrier
Shelby The Smart Dog
Shelby is 7.5 months old. She is so cute and smart as you can see.
Mary Zbacnik
United States United States

Buddy Buddy
Yorkshire Terrier
he is cut efunny and verry nice
united states of america united states of america

Lucas Lucas
Yorkshire Terrier
He is one year old. Friendy and loyal companion. I love him as if he were my second son.
Mónica Torrelio
Bolivia Bolivia

Lexi Lou Lexi Lou
Yorkshire Terrier
Lexi Lou
she is not only cute and funny but she is so spoiled. she has her own spots on the bed, couch, and wherever we go. she is fun to play with. and s it when friends come over and takes her a little bit to get use to someone though she is are little!
Karla And Chloe Crawford
U.S.A. U.S.A.

My Coocky My Coocky
Yorkshire Terrier
My Coocky
My 3 year old Yorkie is the best dog on the planet! He likes to play with his ball and with our cat!
Marga Dim
Greece Greece

Toby Toby
Yorkshire Terrier
Toby is such a great dog. He loves to take long walks or light jogs with mommy. He loves to stay with grandma on the weekends they spoil me he says. He loves to go fishing with Grandpa. He also co captains grandpa during boat rides. He can do many tricks. He knows his left paw right paw, sits, rolls over, sits pretty, gives kisses when asked, lays down and turns in circles. His favorite toy is the chicken. When I tell him to go get the chicken he brings it to me.
Lisa Olsen

Cookie Cookie
Yorkshire Terrier
My puppy is a baby and he is about a couple of weeks old. He was born from his momma (also our dog). Her name is Zoe. She was our first dog then she had Cookie and a couple of other puppies.
Mackenzie M

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