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Abby Abby
Yorkshire Terrier
abby is not only loving but she is smart and beautiful too. her colors are very outstanding and she is one of a kind to us.
Bj T
Usa Usa

Baylee Baylee
Yorkshire Terrier
My little Baylee is a gift from heaven. She is the one thing i have wanted most in my life, since my beloved german shepard passed away when i was young.
Melissa V
United States United States

Sam Sam
Yorkshire Terrier
Sam loves to play, and be chased around. He has a little sister Kali whom he loves. He has a mop head, and when we say mop he comes hoping some food has fallen on the ground.
Goldenleaf Thuranduil

Our little odie Our little odie
Yorkshire Terrier
Our little odie
we have a yorkie dog.his name is odie.he will be 3 yrs old oct 3,he weighs 8lbs.4.he loves to play with his fuzzy squeaky toy bones.he is our baby.he sleeps with us,does everything with us.also chases sammie,bootsie our 2 cats around.we love him dearly.
Darlene Coleman

Yorkshire Terrier
Zoey is 10 months old and a very special part of our family.
B.B. V.D.B.
canada canada

Hollywood Scarlett Hollywood Scarlett
Yorkshire Terrier
Hollywood Scarlett
Spoiled Rotten and loved to pieces. I love to play with my best friend Benny who is also a Yorkie but twice my size. We like camping and boating and going in the pool. When we get tired of swimming we float in our boats.
K. F.
British Columbia. Canada British Columbia. Canada

Bin Bin 4 pounds of power Bin Bin 4 pounds of power
Yorkshire Terrier
Bin Bin 4 pounds of power
He's a powerhouse, active, yet loves to lay in mom's lap.
L Binnicker

Bella Bella
Yorkshire Terrier
Bella is the most playful puppy ever! she plays allllll day! her favorite toy is her Sniffany and Co. chew toy! She loves to eat her biscotti treats and sunbathe in the sun with her mommy!
Brittany J

Chloe Chloe
Yorkshire Terrier
My "mom" wants me to be a prissy inside dog but I am happiest when I can run and play in the grass... even if it is taller than I am!
Carolyn H.

Bella Bleu Bella Bleu
Yorkshire Terrier
Bella Bleu
Hi Friends! I'm Bella, my family calls me "Bell-Bea", my sis Lexi and I are two of the luckiest girls in the world! We have a great family who loves us and spoils us silly!! Bye for now friends! Love, Bella
Kami Hambek
United States of America United States of America

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