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Jessee, Maya and Rottie Jessee, Maya and Rottie
Yorkshire Terrier
Jessee, Maya and Rottie
Jessee is the mother of Maya and Rottie. They are my best friends and the loves of my life.
Jackie Skowbo
Melbourne, Florida USA Melbourne, Florida USA

Harley Davidson <3 Harley Davidson <3
Yorkshire Terrier
Harley Davidson <3
Harley is very special to me i asked my parents for 2 years for a dog a yorkie to be exact. 2 days before christmas in 06 my parents took me to this house they told me it wad their friends house to ask for directions to best buy in delaware bc there was no tax i fell for it. anywayz they sent mein first and i rang the door bell and all these yorkies were at the door a lady answered and handed me this 6 week old babi yorkie my parents then said merry christmas it took 2 weeks to name him lol that summer he got bit by a alasken malamute almost lost him. last month i almost lost him he ate something and it puntured his stomach 17 staples later hes my little mirical i <3 him so much hes now going on 4 in october gez time has flown
Amber P
levittown pa levittown pa

Tazu Tazu
Yorkshire Terrier
Tazu is the cutest and most friendly puppy. She loves to be pampered at the Doggy salon and boutiques. She is very energetic and bounces around the whole house all day long..
Preeti Reddy

Dixie Dixie
Yorkshire Terrier
Dixie is our little angel and our little teddy bear that sleeps between us at night. We love her greetings when we come home. She was 6 months old on 6/3/08.
Doris Shinka

Izzy Izzy
Yorkshire Terrier
It is a full bolded yorkshire terrior it was born in feb. 2008
Hannah Falbo
Smithers, USA Smithers, USA

Ruby Ruby
Yorkshire Terrier
My sweet Ruby. He is only 5 weeks old.
Monica Zerafa
Malta Malta

Little Max Little Max
Yorkshire Terrier
Little Max
Little max is the best thing that has happened to our family. He brings us lot of love and laughs. He is a great soul mate. He comes with us on vacations and even comes to work on occasion. He truly is a very special dog. One of a kind. Scott Wendy and Derek Ashworth. Rochester, Massachusetts.
Wendy Ashworth
United States United States

Bobbie Bobbie
Yorkshire Terrier
Not Forgotten
We rescued Bobbie about three years ago. She had been used for breeding but struggled through her last delivery and the breeders had her fixed. She was so sweet and gentle. She like to sleep on top of pillows just like a little princess. She sure will be missed.
Crystal Watkins

Ginger Ginger
Yorkshire Terrier
My sweetie and my stinker....Ginger
Kelly B

Petunia Petunia
Yorkshire Terrier
Petunia is our joy and love. It was love at first sight for my husban and has only grown every day since we got her. She is now almost five and already she has traveled far. We are now in the San Francisco Bay area. She love to explore and snuggle.
Victoria V
Paraguay Paraguay

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