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Charlie Charlie
Yorkshire Terrier
Charlie is a cute, heartwarming, loving dog. He is very very intelligent! I will love him 4-ever. He is also a very active and playful dog. His only downfall is he LOVES to chew on socks. And he will find them no matter how well we put them up. Lol.
Sheena Newberry
U.S.A. U.S.A.

Pucci Pucci
Yorkshire Terrier
Pucci as in poochie is my Yorkie. She was 4 months old when I took this picture. She was amazing, and she was the first dog I have had, that's why I could never forget her no matter what.

Mitzy Mitzy
Yorkshire Terrier
Mitzy, is my little nice girl.
Paulo Barboza
Costa Rica Costa Rica

Moses William Moses William
Yorkshire Terrier
Moses William
Moses is full of energy, he loves to cuddle and kiss!!! He is our baby and we love him SO much!!!
Mary M.
Illinois, USA Illinois, USA

Murphy's First Haircut Murphy's First Haircut
Yorkshire Terrier
Murphy's First Haircut
Murphy is a 4 lb. Yorkie and recently had his first haircut. He seems to be most agreeable to pose for photos. At home, he loves to stand over a heating grate in the floor while his fur blows around, like a supermodel or a small furry Marilyn Monroe in 'The Seven Year Itch' scene.
Nicole K.

Ollie Ollie
Yorkshire Terrier
He is my 'special' little boy!
Mark Boy
Sweden Sweden

Tiffi Tiffi
Yorkshire Terrier
She is not half as spoiled as she looks. :) (ok, that's a lie!) She is a lively, porky-yorky with a taste for the finer things in life... like expensive alegator shoes!!! Despite her adventures in chewing up shoes, she's probably the most loveable dog our family has ever had. She's great with kids, strangers, and other animals!
Tonya J

Jimmy Jimmy
Yorkshire Terrier
Weighs 2.01 kg.
Johan Vdm
South Africa South Africa

Tiny aka Biggie Smalls Tiny aka Biggie Smalls
Yorkshire Terrier
Tiny aka Biggie Smalls
Tiny is a 2.5 year old Yorkie. He lives with 2 other dogs and a cat...all who were rescues.
Michele B

Carda Carda
Yorkshire Terrier
Female Yorkie 6 week old, 170 gram, my darling.
Jiina Fuková
Czech Republic Czech Republic

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