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Alice Alice
Golden Retriever
Alice learned 'sit', 'stay', 'fetch', 'shake', and my personal favorite: 'high five' all by 9 weeks. She loves everybody.
M. W.

Pecan being rude Pecan being rude
Golden Retriever
Pecan being rude
Pecan, the Golden Retriever, has learned to stick his tongue out on command. He also Moons people. The theme for his litter was "Football". His registered name is Copperfield Golden Receiver.
Jean Manino
Louisiana, USA Louisiana, USA

Jasmine Jasmine
Golden Retriever
She's a 7 year old puppy. Very curious. A great family pet.

Bacchus Bacchus
Golden Retriever
Bacchus is a 7-year old male. He loves to play with other animals, especially our pet hamster, PJ. He is very curious, affectionate, and friendly to everyone. His favorite game is fetch, except instead of bringing the ball back, he loves to have people chase him!
A. Tuinman

Bozo Bozo
Golden Retriever
Bozo was brought from a hill resort in South India at 6 weeks. He has adjusted well in our coastal area called Kakinada. In summer he mostly remains in air-cooled room. He celebrated his 1st birthday with a cake, and he eats all he likes. Like raw vegetables, nuts, Indian milk, sweets and corn. True his its breed, he simply loves mankind.
Meera I.
India India

Madison Madison
Golden Retriever
This is Madison my 3 yr. old Golden. She is one of five Goldens in the house but receives special and undivided attention from me. She loves to snuggle and steal socks, but gets away with it with her adorable face!
L. C.
Pennsylvania, USA Pennsylvania, USA

Saxon Saxon
Golden Retriever
Saxon is adored and loved by all that meet her! I am fortunate to have such a wonderful friend!
Kristina R.
Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada

Golden puppies Golden puppies
Golden Retriever
Golden puppies
A darling litter of pups sleeping!
K. MacDonald
Washington, USA Washington, USA

Adicus Adicus
Golden Retriever
Adicus is a very smart pup that I bred. He is just what I was looking for. He is 7 weeks in this picture and he was born March 4,2004.
Katie Sweeney
New York USA New York USA

Shadow Shadow
Golden Retriever
Shadow was a stray, who had been abused as a puppy, so I took him in. He has only been living with me for a little less than a year, and we are still working on his problem with stealing food but he is much better about it. He LOVES peanut butter more than anything.
Louella H.
Pennsylvania, USA Pennsylvania, USA

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