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Torres Torres
Golden Retriever
Not Forgotten
my torres was the most loving thing on this earth! i miss him each & every day, its been three months since he left us but we cry for him even today... he was too cute, loving, loyal, naughty, lazy sweet baby of mine.. love him, miss him tooooo much....
Sunita Paul
Mumbai, India Mumbai, India

Max Max
Golden Retriever
My dog Max is one year old. He is very protetive of his family, but if you are a stranger who is friends with the family, he will accept you. He is loving and always wants a scratch on the belly and he loves cuddles.
Leah Peace
Victoria Victoria

Shelby Shelby
Golden Retriever
She is a 7 year old! But still acts like a puppy!
Mary Margaret A

Mac Mac
Golden Retriever
He is not my dog he is my cousins and he loves to swim and he is very active and sweet.
Hannah Thomas
Mississippi Mississippi

Garth Garth
Golden Retriever
Garth is a goofy, loving dog. He's 7 years old but still plays like he's a puppy. He loves his toys and always knows how to make you smile!
Lexi B
Connecticut Connecticut

Dakota Dakota
Golden Retriever
Dakota is a playful pup who loves to be with other dogs and curls up on my bed at night.
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Jordan Jordan
Golden Retriever
Jordan never fails to cheer me up... whenever I feel down, coming home and seeing him wag his tails and offer me unlimited hugs and kisses is enough to put a smile on my face. I thank god for sending this special guardian angel to me. I will cherish every moment spend with him.
Ellen Chan
Penang, Malaysia Penang, Malaysia

Lyka Lyka
Golden Retriever
She is so hyper but very obediant and loving and when people are sad she will totally come to you and sit next to you for hours until you cheer up
Veronica Perez
Aguadilla,PR Aguadilla,PR

Brando Brando
Golden Retriever
He is my first goldy, he is my realy best friend. Now he 2 years old.
Kiki Wijaya
Bandung, Indonesia Bandung, Indonesia

Lilo Lilo
Golden Retriever
Lilo is a gentle little person and has the power to capture the hearts of everyone she meets. Loves the snow, sun, rain...to sleep and absolutely everything to eat ;O)
M Bb
Zagreb Zagreb

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