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Arthur Arthur
Golden Retriever
Arthur is a wonderful golden boy. He just loves people and to have his belly rubbed. We think that he is smarter than most people and just loves to socialize with everyone. We think he is truly a blessing.
Rebekah Pinkerton
Canada Canada

Joey Joey
Golden Retriever
Joey is cute, smart & naughty but a well trained puppy. He's only 7 months but already can retrieve. He likes taking a bath and taking his vitamins. He also comes with me every morning to jug. He's so nice to the kids he's playing with. For me, he's the cutest Golden Retriever there is here in our country.
RV Gutierrez
Philippines Philippines

Max and Maggie Mae Max and Maggie Mae
Golden Retriever
Max and Maggie Mae
Hi this is the other members of our family, Max and Maggie. They are just like having more kids. We love them so much and they are so much a part of our family. They are very loyal to all of us.
Lisa Cochrane

Amazing Grace Amazing Grace
Golden Retriever
Amazing Grace
Gracie is a wonderful dog. Her birthday is November 9th and I bought her December 23rd, 2003. She adjusted very well to her surroundings, and can learn very fast.
Stefanie Stoll

Reese Reese
Golden Retriever
This my puppy Reese enjoying her first snow.
Jeannie Greenlee

Kara and Sasha Kara and Sasha
Golden Retriever
Kara and Sasha
Kara and Sasha.
Simona Damian
Romania Romania

Juliet Juliet
Golden Retriever
Juliet is a Seeing Eye Puppy in training.
Elizabeth H.

Mackenzie Mackenzie
Golden Retriever
Mackenzie is very special. Even though she is blind, she is the best friend anyone could ever have.

Kiara Kiara
Golden Retriever
Best friend ever!
A. E.
Greece Greece

Melody Melody
Golden Retriever
Melody is one of the best Golden Retrievers ever. She has helped the blind, and guided them across streets. Our block always holds a dog contest, and she's been elected 'smartest dog'. She's not with a blind family, but she helps around as much as she can!
Melanie Derinetto
Italy Italy

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