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Bru Monu Bru Monu
Mixed Breed
Bru Monu
His Name is Bru. But Mostly we call him Monu. He is 1. 5 years old. He is so loving to our family, but very much angry to strangers at first sight. He is very much obedient to his master, Bru loves us too much & we do also to him. we treat him like our family member. We purchased from Mr. Ramu of Tommy Tuttorial Raipur C. G
C.K.S Paniker Gudiyari Raipur
Raipur chattisgharh India Raipur chattisgharh India

Brunoo Brunoo
Mixed Breed
He is our darling. He is with us when he was only 35 days only. now he is 1y5m. He is very familiar. But dangerous for strangers. He is mix Breed of German Shefard &Labreador.
S.Arun Panikar

Dinoo Dinoo
German Shepherd Dog
he is 2 and half year old and is a gud dog, loves to play a lot..mostly he likes to play football....
Kishan Laishram
India India

Gini Gini
Irish Setter
Gini is 4yrs old now and still as loving, caring and friendly as she was when she came to us for the first time. She loves playing, especially with children. Her favourite food includes chicken, chocolate cakes, cheese n ice-creams. She is a darling and the life of our house. She is the best stress buster. We adore her.
Yamini Negi
India India

Vicky Vicky
German Shepherd Dog
very cute 8 months old puppy. he is very sharp.
Jkkumarkk Jkkumarkk
india india

Lucy Lucy
German Shepherd Dog
our lucy is very intellegent and very nice bitch.
Mannu Sharma
india india

Tipu Tipu
my tipu is a great watch dog and also a xtream hunter in rabits,rats and birds.
Sibi Abraham
cochin, INDIA cochin, INDIA

Fanny Fanny
German Shepherd Dog
Her name is Fanny. she is 2 years old. she is so loving to our family & her friends, but very much angry to strangers at first sight. she loves us to much & we do also to her. we treat her like our family member. take a look of her..
Nick Don
India India

Able Able
Saint Bernard
thi is the very first (18.12.2006) day of my Baby (ABLE) my first pet. i fall in luv with him on the very first day. i luv him very much & living without him is really very much immposible for me. though now he is one year old he dont take me as his owner. he luv my Parents very much & a very close friend (Vikram) of mine. ABle take me as just care taker. i guess this is with all the pets & the owners as my vet said. i luv him very much & pary to GOD that he live long as pets have generally less life as comapared to man.
Ashutosh Ashutosh
india india

Jaunty Jaunty
Our Jaunty is a lively 20 month old black and tan male Dacshund; his full name is Jonathan Von Grimbergen -too complex for a simple sweet dog. He will be siring some good pups soon (hopefully!) He loves to chase cats, pigeons and even stray monkeys that come home from neighbourhood.
Uday Kumar
India India

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