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Tuffu Tuffu
he is very bad and he makes me happy, he loves, me very much
Tuffy Mistry
Gujarat Gujarat

Jacky the nice Dog Jacky the nice Dog
German Shepherd Dog
Jacky the nice Dog
He is a friendly and nice dog who is active. He is like a man in the home. We care a lot for him and everyone nearby likes him.
Chinna Naikoti
India India

Tia Rocks! Tia Rocks!
Tia Rocks!
Best dog you might have ever seen.
Armaan & Sahi Modi
India India

Bosco Bosco
My family and I love Bosco.
Akshay Nagpure
India India

Tipcy Tipcy
Labrador Retriever
She is very naughty, sweet to love. Everyone in the house adores her very much. She loves to go out from home and can stay out for hours, she is still 8 months old. We love her more than anything.
Manav Purohit
India India

Snoopy Snoopy
Labrador Retriever
she is our family member. she is proactive, always wants to play with all. friendly dog to all. he loves his uncle mickey(pamorean dog) very much...........
Anil Babu

Mickey Mickey
he is so funny. he loves his friend snoopy. he is interested in roaming out side.
Anil Babu

Roddy Roddy
mah dog, s name z roddy. he is jst 1 n half months wen taken dis snap.
Rott Weiler
india india

Angel Angel
Tibetan Terrier
Not Forgotten
Angel was our first adopted baby. we adopted her on 27th may 2005. she has been with us for good 3 years. unfortunately she died yesterday 29th may 2008. me and my husband loved her so much that we still cant sink in the fact of her demise. we will always love you darling. we pray to god for her soul to be in peace. she was a very alarming baby. she use to sense trouble and always protected us. we will miss you Angel.
Juhi Mathur
India India

Bru Monu Bru Monu
Mixed Breed
Bru Monu
His Name is Bru. But mostly we call him Monu. He is 1.5 years old. He is so loving to our family, but very much angry to strangers at first sight. He is very much obedient to his master. Bru loves us too much & we do also to him. We treat him like our family member. We purchased from Mr. Ramu of Tommy Tuttorial Raipur C. G.
C.K.S Paniker Gudiyari Raipur
Raipur chattisgharh India Raipur chattisgharh India

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