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Yorki Yorki
Yorkshire Terrier
Not Forgotten
Nice, funny, lovely dog we lost it recently...
Mark S

Sir. Spartacus And Cookie Sir. Spartacus And Cookie
German Shepherd Dog
Sir. Spartacus And Cookie
Cookie is the bigger dog shes one and a half yrs old. Spartacus is 4 months old. They are sweet loving and caring dogs. They love to sleep and play with whatever they find.. A part of our family now.
Marcia Nicholas
India India

Scooby Scooby
Lhasa Apso
His name is Scooby and he is 3 months old.. He has a pair her name is Daisy.. He is an intelligent one who takes his own food bowl in his mouth and asks me food....
Bala Boss
Chennai, Tamilnadu, India Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Daisy Daisy
Lhasa Apso
Her name is daisy and her breed is lhasa apso. she is living with me in chennai, india.. She is so active and intelligent. She is 3 month old..
Bala India
Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA. Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA.

Genius Genius
German Shepherd Dog
he is genius. very aggressive nd itz of 5 and a half month old in d picture. i luv him alot. he escaped his death twice.
Ayush Chaudhary
Moradabad, UP Moradabad, UP

Celo Celo
celo is a 11th month old dog, it is amature and pure home made. with dasing body.
Netrutva Patel
surat gujarat india surat gujarat india

Liza And Rocky Buragohain Liza And Rocky Buragohain
Mixed Breed
Liza And Rocky Buragohain
Rocky, is a mixed breed of a lab and a hound. he is an extremely talented boy. i hate to call him a dog coz he is more a part of our family and takes part in everthing we do, from watchin movies, goin out for walks to takin a nap together. here sharing a light moment with his live in partner/girlfriend liza. i love you guys.
Julie Buragohain
delhi 110049 delhi 110049

Baby Leone Baby Leone
Labrador Retriever
Baby Leone
Baby Leone is an extremely cute 3 month old Labrador Retriever. He is very naughty but pretends to be one of the most innocent puppy ever. This photo was taken when he was just 40 days old. I just love him and am proud to be called his mother.
Aditi Barkakati
New Delhi New Delhi

Scooby Scooby
Labrador Retriever
hi meet my dog"scooby". he is 2y old golden lab. lovable, foodish and good bhehaviour are some word's to describe my dog. he is extremly good with my nurshing patient's. scooby loves to play with "jenny" she is also 2y black female lab. he screfice everything for jenny. both are made for each other.
Dr Neelam Jha and Dr Hk Jha Jha
bailey road, nahar -khagual road, patna bailey road, nahar -khagual road, patna

Scooby Scooby
Labrador Retriever
hi, meet my dog "scooby". he is 2y old handsome, sexy, brave and lovable lab dog. his nature is very humane, he keep elegant behaviour with my nurshing patient. he love to eat food but he share his food with "jenny". she is also 2y old black female lab. scooby is waiting for playing with jenny hole day. when she not came he feel very sad and lonely. both pair are pairless and made for each other.
Dr.Neelam Jha & Dr H.K Jha Jha
niti nurshing home,bailey road,patna niti nurshing home,bailey road,patna

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