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Angel Angel
American Eskimo Dog
She is very naughty and wants to play all the time. Would like to go for walk...... She is 4. 5 years old...
Anjs Negi
New Delhi New Delhi

Brauni Brauni
German Shepherd Dog
Smashing & Dashing Lovely Dog
Devang Thaker
Ahmedabad Ahmedabad

Broekutty Broekutty
she is so cute, fun loving babe and love biscuits and so obedient and energetic. wish to play any time and best companion of our family....... we love her so much.....
Velayudhapani Ponnuswamy
chennai, tamilnadu chennai, tamilnadu

Torres Torres
Golden Retriever
Not Forgotten
our torres was toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute handsome and alose lazy. this is the photo when he was 3 months old. its also been 3 months after he left us but v still cry for him. hoy torres u r aiways in our prayers love u lots.
Tamanna Paul

Sashwata Sashwata
Mixed Breed
my dog looks very cool
Jitu Sahani
lucknow,india lucknow,india

Torres Torres
Golden Retriever
Not Forgotten
my torres was the most loving thing on this earth! i miss him each & every day, its been three months since he left us but we cry for him even today... he was too cute, loving, loyal, naughty, lazy sweet baby of mine.. love him, miss him tooooo much....
Sunita Paul
Mumbai, India Mumbai, India

Torres Torres
Gordon Setter
Not Forgotten
this was our first ever pet, we miss him so much.. he was tooo cute, lovable, lazy, naughty... he will always b with us forever & ever...
Tamanna Paul
Mumbai, India Mumbai, India

Xylus Xylus
Saint Bernard
He is 5 and a half years old. Cute and very naughty.
Prabhjot Singh
Ludhiana Ludhiana

Coco Singh Coco Singh
Coco Singh
Coco is just a month old in this picture. She is my bundle of joy! she has so many names coconut, cocopelli, cocobunny, coconato san, cokeee, cocobono, the list goes on! .. we love her like our daughter!
Shipra Singh
New Delhi New Delhi

Laila Laila
Lhasa Apso
Beautiful two month old Lhasa Apso.
Ajitjudy Koshy
Pune, Maharashtra Pune, Maharashtra

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