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Sam Sam
Labrador Retriever
sammy is very handsome
Ayush Gupta
mahratra india mahratra india

Johnny Johnny
German Shepherd Dog
He is so healthy and cute.
Saurabh Joshi
Nagpur , Mahrashtra Nagpur , Mahrashtra

Leo Leo
Labrador Retriever
He is two and a half months old at present. He is a cute & naughty puppy. His name is Leo and his a male Labrador retriever. He is a wonderful pet. He likes his toys and treats. He likes eating enormously.
Subham Das
Assam, India Assam, India

Katasline Katasline
Not Forgotten
She is very cute, , Her pet Name is Katty... She is very fast about cats and Rats... And Yes She love to play with childs... she is now about 2 yrs.. She love to eat papaya.. and mango...
Kawal Sandha
Fatehabad, Haryana Fatehabad, Haryana

Junior Junior
German Shepherd Dog
His my mother has died and he is with me from his birth about 25days.
Manish Kumar
jamshedpur,jharkhand,east singhbhum jamshedpur,jharkhand,east singhbhum

Jonny Jonny
German Shepherd Dog
Cute and naughty.
Saurabh Joshi
Nagpur, India Nagpur, India

Perk Perk
Lhasa Apso
8 months old.. friendly but aggressive :)
Dhairyadev Arora
New Delhi New Delhi

Sandy Sandy
Saint Bernard
this is my sweetheart "SANDY". he is 9 month old, he is a well behaved and very intelligent pet. he is really very good with my other dog. he is a playful dog and is very good with my 4yr son, im a proud owner of my SANDY.
Abhi S
bhopal bhopal

Pepce Pepce
Labrador Retriever
my dog name is pepace it is black dog. and it is very butiful dog it folowd all thinghs............
Prakash Thakkar
gujrat, india gujrat, india

Neaomass Neaomass
Neapolitan Mastiff
He is the daughter of SIR : Aust. Ind. Ch. Ciccalone Odin Neomass & Dam: Ind. Ch. Rinwood Redcloud Neomass (Imp).
Shanker Baira
India India

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