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Rex Rex
German Shepherd Dog
Not Forgotten
his 3 and a half years old and his very energetic and smart love walks and playing around.his loyal and very protective when it comes to me..he loves me very much and i love him:)
Sxc Leb To Nv
Australia Australia

My Little Girls My Little Girls
German Shepherd Dog
My Little Girls
My three little girls are so smart, they're always around me, playing barking and when I'm sad. They're a great company to have around.
Karen Caceres
Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada

Becka Von Brolan Becka Von Brolan
German Shepherd Dog
Becka Von Brolan
Becka is a two year old German Shepherd who loves agility. Beckas father was a show dog named Zeus. Becka is a faithful loving dog.
Jessica Hunt
Wa Wa

Tyson Tyson
German Shepherd Dog
He is my best friend and tryies 2 rip everyone.
Sai Babu Pillarsetty
India India

Niko Niko
German Shepherd Dog
Niko is a 6 month old female. One of her favorite games is chasing the red dot from a laser pointer. Right now she is 45 Lbs & 22 inches tall.
Daniel Shaw
Usa Usa

Zeta Zeta
German Shepherd Dog
Zeta is 22 months of age and is extremely bright and very easy to train. She probably is the only German Shepherd who goes to toilet in a plastic bag each and every day. She loves children and very relaxed with people but can be very protective and is a very good house dog.
Christine Earle
British British

Roxy Roxy
German Shepherd Dog
roxy is a fun-loving 10mo old puppy. she spends most of her time running in the back yard digging holes. we try to keep in the house but she doesnt like it to much. roxy loves her family and came be very protective.
Adrian Moore Jr.
Usa Usa

Buddy Buddy
German Shepherd Dog
Buddy loves to play with his toys and loves his human kids.
Jenn P
Oklahoma, Usa Oklahoma, Usa

German Shepherd Dog
Yup, this is our handsome and beloved dog, Wuff!
Shazeen & Wasif Bokhari
Pakistan Pakistan

Sharhan Sharhan
German Shepherd Dog
nice-funny dog
Diana M.

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