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Fanny Fanny
German Shepherd Dog
Her name is Fanny. she is 2 years old. she is so loving to our family & her friends, but very much angry to strangers at first sight. she loves us to much & we do also to her. we treat her like our family member. take a look of her..
Nick Don
India India

Raja Vom Fleischerheim Raja Vom Fleischerheim
German Shepherd Dog
Raja Vom Fleischerheim
Raja is a wonderful family companion. We are lucky to call him a part of our family!
Pamela Wilson

Wilma Wilma
German Shepherd Dog
Wilma is only 5 months old. She is a very happy girl. She loves all people and dogs.
Linda Miller
usa usa

Luka Ba2A 3Alamy Luka Ba2A 3Alamy
German Shepherd Dog
Luka Ba2A 3Alamy
He is very smart friendly but really protective when there is danger and he is very funny too.
Sherif Salama

Chevelle & Onyx Chevelle & Onyx
German Shepherd Dog
Chevelle & Onyx
Chevelle & Onyx (solid black) both earned their CGC (canine good citizen) and TDI (therapy dog intenational)certificates. They are both very charming!

Baila & Kasch Baila & Kasch
German Shepherd Dog
Baila & Kasch
Baila earned her CGC (canine good citizen) and Kasch (solid black) earned both her CGC & TDI (therapy dog international)certificates. They are both sweet girls and are best friends.

Lovely Louie Lovely Louie
German Shepherd Dog
Lovely Louie
Louie is a layed back happy black and tan "German Shepherd Boy" he loves everybody. He is such a wuz. He is 2 and a half years old, loves going for walks everywhere, loves his squeaker ball, "talks" on occassion and knows a few tricks. Louie also loves any food, but is only allowed his own food.
Honora B
Australia Australia

Tara Tara
German Shepherd Dog
Not Forgotten
My angel, my soul. She was gentle, loving, funny, sweet. She always answered me with a lovely whisper when i asked her if she loves me. A gift from GOD. I still cannot recover from her loss and will never do. She was my all and more beautiful than 1,000 humans on this planet, inside and outside.
Sandrine Lascu
romania romania

Loyal Friends Loyal Friends
German Shepherd Dog
Loyal Friends
Sassi & Krystal are my loyal companions. Both of these girls are Champions.

Dayre Dayre
German Shepherd Dog
Dayre was rescued (on Mothers Day) as a feral puppy from the local landfill at approximately 7 weeks old. She is about 10 weeks old in this picture and is making progress every day!
Lori S
United States United States

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