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Jackie Jackie
German Shepherd Dog
This is my dog Jackie.Ilove her a lot!
Desirene Johnson
Malaysia Malaysia

Coco Coco
German Shepherd Dog
Coco is pure bread GSD from a championship blood line. Very good temperament. the only problem we have with her is that she likes to jump up to kiss people and that scared some friends away.
Brian Wong
B.C. Canada B.C. Canada

Roger Roger
German Shepherd Dog
This is my lovely black and tan dog, Roger..... this picture was clicked when he was three n half months old..... now he is no more... i just wanna say... " i love u roger n u will always remain in my heart. no matter what. "
Urvashi Singh
India India

Lex Lex
German Shepherd Dog
Lex as you can see a very handsome dog!
Claire Notnam
Australia Australia

Leo Leo
German Shepherd Dog
he's funny everyone loves him. He's cute and loves to play. He's one year old and i love him.
Veronica Settle
Canada Canada

Shady Shady
German Shepherd Dog
shady is docile obedient and very laid back. a great dog
Lisa And Kenneth Crane
Uk Uk

Sophi Sophi
German Shepherd Dog
Sophi is so smart, agile and loves to play ball. She will be 5 in May and has been a mother to a litter of 9 pups that are now 14 months old. She was an awesome Mom! She loves to play in the snow and catch snowballs too. She's a great protector and a great foot warmer as she sleeps on our bed every night.
Paula Peters
Usa Usa

Mocca Mocca
German Shepherd Dog
I love my dog to death and beyond. He is my life, he is my best friend, he is my everything.
Ana E
Canada Canada

Heinz Heinz
German Shepherd Dog
he was found on the side of the road as a tiny, 2 lb. pup by our daughter. we named him because of her love for ketchup, hines ward, and because we didn't know what kind he was. he is now a big guy and we think a shepherd. he is still growing and has completely taken over our lives! we are smitten and spoil him!
Jim & Jeanne Claar
Usa Usa

Doodoo Doodoo
German Shepherd Dog
Doo is a very Loving Companion, she's 2 years old. I rescued her at 10 weeks old. Doo adores puppies and kittens, she's so funny,she thinks they are hers. Doo is also my Psychiatric Service Animal, Very well trained by "sounds" commands. She is so well Mannered and Always a Lady.
Therese Cruz
Usa Usa

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