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Brauni Brauni
German Shepherd Dog
Smashing & Dashing Lovely Dog
Devang Thaker
Ahmedabad Ahmedabad

Quinnie Quinnie
German Shepherd Dog
my baby shes 5 months and already 50 pound shes going to be a big ole baby and shes the most protectivest at such a young age she came right out of germany and very intelligent!
Macy Johnson
south carolina south carolina

D Nolay D Nolay
German Shepherd Dog
D Nolay
d nolay is one year old gsd. he is very active and intellegent. d nolay is my beloved baby.
Myowin Nyunt
Rangoon, Burma Rangoon, Burma

D Nolay Or Nobel D Nolay Or Nobel
German Shepherd Dog
D Nolay Or Nobel
now d nolay is a one year old male of germen shepherd dog. he was trained for obedience trails and titles and always ready to learn new things. our family love him more and more every day. he loves walking, running and playing football. so d nolay is my life.
Myowin Nyunt

Rin-Tin-Tin Rin-Tin-Tin
German Shepherd Dog
Rinni is a bi-colored Shepherd. He is very loving and VERY protective. He is 2 yrs. old. I love this big beautiful guy.
Breanna Schreiner
Ohio, USA Ohio, USA

Haylee Haylee
German Shepherd Dog
Haylee is a three year old GSD. She is currently training for obedience trials and titles. She is a wonderful dog and a wonderful member of the family!
Matthew and Kristyn Wasilewski
Elgin, IL Elgin, IL

Millie Millie
German Shepherd Dog
Millie is a breeder surrender dog, that we adopted from the local rescue shelter. She is loyal and never leaves my side. I have never had a dog that is so loving and caring.
Michael S

Burt Burt
German Shepherd Dog
he is now 7 months old and was the runt of 13 pups. he is growing very fast.
Mark Richmond
Herfordshire Herfordshire

Kona Kona
German Shepherd Dog
Kona is 11 months old and the newest addition to our family! He is very loving and affectionate and he is my pride and joy!
Leanne Visser
British Columbia British Columbia

Murphy Murphy
German Shepherd Dog
murphy our great big slobber of boy hes now 4 yrs old. a big softie at heart but a good protector to the family
Lynne Sim
Chorley Lancashire Chorley Lancashire

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