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Sandi Sandi
Mixed Breed
She is 9 yrs old and so loveable. This was taken at Christmas 2006 at my parents house in front of thier tree. She is such a smart dog and so cute!
Lisa Kisner
Maryland, Usa Maryland, Usa

Nevada Nevada
Siberian Husky
My new family member Nevada.
Faith V
Usa Usa

Sissie Sissie
Siberian Husky
my 7 month old husky.
Faith V
Usa Usa

Kiwi Miss Splash Kiwi Miss Splash
Labrador Retriever
Kiwi Miss Splash
she comes by her name honestly, we also call her the pool punk!
Cc Cc
Usa Usa

Kiwi Miss Ginger Kiwi Miss Ginger
Labrador Retriever
Kiwi Miss Ginger
too smart for her own good!
Cc Cc
Usa Usa

Gunner Gunner
Shih Tzu
He has the best personality, he loves everyone. He loves to play and chase tennis balls.
Paige Dode
Usa Usa

Augie Augie
Mixed Breed
"Augie Dog" is our very special girl! She's a Bogle (Beagle-Mom, Boxer-Dad). She just turned 3 on 1-1-07. Her favorite past time is playing, a good bone, time with Bailie the Boxer (her sister), her walks and vegging out! She is probably the smartest dog we know and our very best friend!
Usa Usa

Suzy-Q Suzy-Q
Suzy was a semi rescue, the people who had her didn't take care of her or want her so we took her in.She is approx. 4 months old and we really love her! She loves to chew on anything,dig in the trash and so far loves everyone she has met.
Mark P
Texas, Usa Texas, Usa

Dusty Dusty
He is so cute and wonderful and he loves hollywood!! This is the star that he picked out to stand on.
Melissa Black
Usa - Arizona Usa - Arizona

Charlie T Bone Charlie T Bone
German Shepherd Dog
Charlie T Bone
Meet Charlie T Bone. He's 2 years old. He is so good natured & loves everybody. Charlie gets along with our 2 cats & our parrot.
Sheela Collins
Georgia, Usa Georgia, Usa

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