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Duke Duke
Duke with sunglasses on at christmas
Zellie And Duke Tdv
Usa Usa

Spotboy Spotboy
Great Pyrenees
SpotBoy is 6 years old & recently acquired, and if I didn't know any better I would think he was a Pussy Cat!
Jim Collins
Usa Usa

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!
Miniature Schnauzer
Merry Christmas!
Very Good looking
John Doe
Usa Usa

Rocky Rocky
Golden Retriever
Rocky after a long day of swimming.
Mark Zickefoose
Usa Usa

Rocky Rocky
Golden Retriever
This is Rocky. I got him from a POUND in June 06 when he was about 3-4 months old. I can not be sure if he is full blooded but he sure the heck looks that way.
Mark Zickefoose
Usa Usa

Dr. Livingstone Dr. Livingstone
Mixed Breed
Dr. Livingstone
Dr. Livinstone is our little pound dog. She had very little fur and was whispy from being several pounds undersweight when we brought her home. She loves her new life. Food is still one of her favorite things. Giant raw hide bones bring her hours and hours of delight.
L. M.
Florida, Usa Florida, Usa

Dale Goddard Dale Goddard
Labrador Retriever
Dale Goddard
Dale is 10 years old. She has black fur and brown eyes.
Amanda Goddard
Usa Usa

Maya Maya
Maya is almost 2 years old now. She is a very funny,very intelligent girl. She is well behaved, with little escapades here and there.She is shearing our apartment with her friend Mookie, which is a 4 years old cat. Overall, Maya is the best dog i have ever had
Racu C.
Usa Usa

Sachi And Tino Sachi And Tino
Poodle (Standard)
Sachi And Tino
Sachi is the center of attention. She loves to be groomed, she goes into the groomers shop and jumps rite on the table.
Cassie Dunlap
Kennewick,Washington Kennewick,Washington

Seven Dog Mayhem! The Toddlers! Seven Dog Mayhem! The Toddlers!
Seven Dog Mayhem! The Toddlers!
This is my brood! 7 beautiful babies! Momma Keisha, Daddy Jesse and their 5 kids, Matilda, Duncan, Toby, Rocky, and Dingo. We couldn't bear to part with any of them so we spade/neutered and kept them all!
The Deans
Georgia, Usa Georgia, Usa

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