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Pixie Pixie
Chow Chow
Of course we love our doggy as much as you love yours - Pixie is well-trained and can do over 12 tricks like High 5, rolling over, playing dead, etc. She is our only child and such a dear part of the family - we take her to the Dog Park every week - she loves to chase and be chased, and has favorite doggy friends!
Cheryl Garcia
Albuquerque, Usa Albuquerque, Usa

Easty Easty
American Staffordshire Terrier
Easty loves playing with his pet dog!!
Gayle B.
Usa Usa

My Reindeer My Reindeer
Golden Retriever
My Reindeer
cooper was a child star. him and his litter mates were in an hbo movie which has just been released. he is now retired :)
Coopers Mom C
Usa Usa

Wicket Wicket
I got Wicket as a Christmas present from my husband. He has healed my heart from my tragic lose of my Peki Chloe who was hit by a car last June after escaping our fenced in yard. Wicket is a blue and white parti and is 9 weeks old. He's mommy's special little boy!
Melissa Magrath
United States United States

Koko Koko
Labrador Retriever
Koko is almost HUMAN! I swear! She loves the camera!
Lisa Shea
Usa Usa

Flash! 'Got Milk' Flash! 'Got Milk'
Basset Hound
Flash! 'Got Milk'
Loves to play, and loves everyone and everything!
Frank Houchens
Usa Usa

Gabby Gabby
Fox Terrier (Wire)
She is about one year old. Her birthday is Valentines Day. She is a sweetheart with lots of energy.
Matthew Ladner
Alaska, Usa Alaska, Usa

Eddy Eddy
Saint Bernard
Eddy is a very sweet dog. He loves to slobber and roll in cat poop. Eddy has bad hip problems though.
Heidi F
United States United States

Shelbie Shelbie
Shelbie is a 4yr old long hair beauty. She rules me and this house. My world revolves around her wants..
Dee Locke
Florida,Usa Florida,Usa

Maximillion Maximillion
Boston Terrier
Maximillion is the most loving puppy ever. He is 10 weeks old and so smart. He is so full of energy, yet so obedient. He is the best dog I have ever had.
Cristi Luque
Usa Usa

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