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Kassie Kassie
Miss personality. Every mood is written on her face. She loves to talk (boxer woo woos). She will do the most amazingly funny things.
Kelly R
Pa, Usa Pa, Usa

Lelu Lelu
Mixed Breed
I have an 85lb boxer, pitt, rott mix and she is beautiful. very freindly to most people, loyal, loving, fast runner high jumper, agressive hunter.... we love her
Shelia41 D
Usa Usa

Bubbles Bubbles
This is my other dog (my other is Takiishedoe). She is only 3 and we just got her. I guess she is ok, I still like moose better!
H.M. O.
U.S.A. U.S.A.

Takiishedoe Takiishedoe
She is my moose. I love her. She is only 8. She is a fluffball. I call her moose. When my father got her, her name was Tuxedo. We changed it to Takiishedoe. My dad had two akits before. His first was Kiba, a beautiful male. He was poisned because soneone tried to steal my dad's motercycle. He died at age 6. The second one was my dad's favorite. I only knew her when I was up to 5. My dad says she was ausome. Her name was Tiki. I miss her too. But now we have moose!
H.M. O.
U.S.A. U.S.A.

Shelby Shelby
Mixed Breed
This is my little sweetheart Shelby, she is almost 5yrs old, and is my world, she is a Rhodesian Ridgeback mixed with yellow lab, an is a wonderful girl.
Cyndie Schneider
United States United States

King King
This is King, he is 20 months. He loves to play ball, take walks, and pull me along on my bike. He is very protective, also agressive towards other male dogs.
Carlos Braxton
Usa Usa

Jersey Jersey
Jersey is the love of our lives. He brings us joy each day.
Larry Crutchley
Usa Usa

Peanut And Tippy Peanut And Tippy
Peanut And Tippy
These are my little babies!They are the sweetest and cutest little things!They are both spoiled rotten. They both like to get under the covers at night and go to sleep.They love playing with toys.And in the summer they both love to go to the lake and swim and lay out in the sun!
Haley Booth
Usa Usa

Otter & Arnie Otter & Arnie
Otter & Arnie
Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds - Males, same litter. Stubborn, and will get their way most of the time.
Lynn Horton
Usa Usa

Queen Kiara Queen Kiara
American Staffordshire Terrier
Queen Kiara
She is a 11 week old lovable brat that just loves to play and loves alot of attention.
Wendelis Muniz
Usa Usa

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