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storm storm
Alaskan Malamute
this is "storm" our delightful mal puppy,he's a little bigger than the photo now! he love's his walk's and get's on really well with poeple and other dog's.
gina fox
england england

paddy and beth paddy and beth
Mixed Breed
paddy and beth
my dogs are fun and naughty they are well behaved and very cuddly
amz marshall
uk uk

Wallace and Tara Wallace and Tara
Wallace and Tara
The only time Wallace and Tara sit nice together is when they are waiting for there dinner.
Lee Ann Ryan
United Kindom United Kindom

Tara Tara
Tar is 3 this year and loves being the center of attention.
Lee Ann Ryan
United Kindom United Kindom

Wallace Wallace
Wallace will be 5 this year, he is a brillant dog but he gets very moody sometimes and i think it shows in this picture
Lee Ann Ryan
United Kindom United Kindom

Muffin 'Nutslade Wishing On A Star' Muffin 'Nutslade Wishing On A Star'
Muffin 'Nutslade Wishing On A Star'
This is my gorgeous dog Muffin he is five years old and loves his walks to the local park where he plays with other dogs, sometimes as many as fifteen to twenty & there is never any trouble. He is very helpful loves our grandchildren & will fetch anything you want him to.
Margaret P
England UK England UK

Oscar Oscar
West Highland White Terrier
hes the cutest litlle dog ever. hes my life hes a curly westy so unusual and a unusual pesonality to go with it. he is so caring and kind hes a softy. we love him very much.
Vicky Bruce
British British

Alfie & Phoebe Alfie & Phoebe
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Alfie & Phoebe
Alfie is almost 3 and Phoebe is 5 months old. They get into all sorts of mischief together and this picture was taken just after they had finished digging a huge hole!!!
Ian D
England England

Danny And Tysan Danny And Tysan
Doberman Pinscher
Danny And Tysan
Tysan is a 3yr old Doberman dog. He is a great dog, he is very loving, got a great character, he unfortunatly only has 1 eye, the other is there, but his eye socket is to small. Tysan can be evry naughty, he doesnt really get on with other people, just the people who he knows. (family)
Danny Stokes
British British

Samson Samson
Samson chilling out watching football.
P Liddle

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