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Oscar Oscar
Labrador Retriever
He's greedy but lovely.
Engish Engish

Red Wizard of Oz (Ozzi) Red Wizard of Oz (Ozzi)
Border Collie
Red Wizard of Oz (Ozzi)
Ozzi is a Red/White Border Collie he was a Stray from Battersea Dogs Home in London. We have had him 1 year now and Ozzi will be doing Obedience shows this year working Novice/A class. Ozzi is a very special boy.
Sue Purnell
England England

Barney Barney
He is a 2 month old dalmatian and he was 8 weeks when I got him. He is the most cheeky little devil anyone has ever met as they tell me. His name is Barney because of the tv show Barney the dinosaur. He pins my family down and licks their entire face. He's chewed my mums table leg so she's gone off him, but he's still my Barney.
Kayleigh Watch
England England

Holly Holly
Jack Russell Terrier
Hi this is Holly our new Jack Russell pup. After losing Susie our Jack Russel who was 16yrs old we thought we would never love another doggie the same. But Holly has brought soo much joy to us and we love her to bits. Let's hope we have her for a long time too like Susie.
Patricia McDowell
British British

Nabila Nabila
Labrador Retriever
She is 8 weeks old and adorable.
Bee Varga

Ella Ella
Border Collie
Well my dog is very cute and she is a Miniature Jack Russel and she loves tennis balls. Once we bought her a giant one and she was scared of it. She puts them in her mouth all the time and shouts at you if you don't throw her ball!
Penny Ellis
England England

Molly Molly
Labrador Retriever
She is sweet, loving and a great friend. She loves all animals and would never hurt anyone. She is very playful and loves her food and she tends to sleep alot. She is only 8 months.
England England

Buddy and Tia Buddy and Tia
Buddy and Tia
Buddy & Tia are the best of mates although Buddy looks winky in the photo he is now huge.. Tia is still the boss though.
Alison Uzzell

Bud Bud
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
He loves people around him. He is 1 year old and loves his owner.
Liam Davis
British British

Skye Skye
Shetland Sheepdog
Lovely very crazy.
British British

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