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Rodney Rodney
Bull Terrier
My name is Morgan, I'm 6 years old. Rodney is my best friend in the world. He's very gentle to me he's very funny too. He is a good boy. Please put a picture of my dog on the web. Thanks love Morgan.
Morgan Davies
England England

Daisy Daisy
West Highland White Terrier
This is Daisy, she's getting ready to go out. She loves going on nice long walks and meeting new doggies!
Louise Hardman
England England

Daisy Daisy
West Highland White Terrier
This is Daisy my beautiful baby girl, aged 5 months. She was bought for me as a gift and I love her so much. She is so much fun and makes me smile every time I see her!
Louise Hardman
England England

West Highland White Terrier
Hello, we are Daisy and Jessie, this is our last picture together then we are off to our new homes, we have been very good for our human mummy, but are we gonna cause havoc at our new home!
Tracy Armstrong
England England

Bess Bess
Border Collie
Not Forgotten
This beautiful dog belonged to my mom and dad although she spent her last year with me. She also came to me when they went away on holiday if she couldn't go with them. It was heart breaking when she had to be put to sleep but I feel she sent Fergie to cheer me up.
Maxine Worrall
Britain Britain

Emily Emily
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Emily is a Blenhiem Cavalier. Emily is 10 months old. Emily is very smart she knows sit, paw, down and words like walkies, and bed. Emily loves to chase birds in the park to see some more pictures of her.
Suzanne Kenny
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Beryl Beryl
Beryl is one of a litter of 3. She is the smallest but the naughtiest. She likes to think she's the boss, she is crazy lol...but she is adorable. We are hoping to show her in the future and hopefully she will be a champion.
Marc H

Scooby Scooby
Jack Russell Terrier
Scooby is full of love and most of all he is full of energy. He is my uncle's dog but he should be mine!!! He's a great puppy of 9 months old. I love him to bits even though he's not mine he's got a great character and sense of humor and he's the best dog ever! Scooby is a very special dog and always will be.
Kayleigh Watch
England England

Ch Bellicose Head Case Casey Ch Bellicose Head Case Casey
Chinese Shar-Pei
Ch Bellicose Head Case Casey
Home of the UK Breed Record Holder. CH Bellicose Head Case-- Casey is the Highest Winning Shar-pei in the History of The Breed EVER in the UK.
Linda Smith

Charlie and Edie Charlie and Edie
Miniature Schnauzer
Charlie and Edie
This photo was taken after Edie's first clip at 4 months, she is on the left, hidden in front of the flowers! Charlie is now 7 and Edie is 1. They are both delightful characters and love doing agility and obedience work. They have their own website which they're hoping will be included in the web ring soon! Whoever said "Money can't buy you love" has never bought a Schnauzer!
Polly and Michael Parkes

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