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Tara Tara
Tara is one year old, and has been my best friend since she was 6 weeks old. She is scared of hamsters and cardboard, so if you are going to break in, bring a rodent in a box!
Kevin O'Neil

Chucky aka Little Haflin' Chucky aka Little Haflin'
Chucky aka Little Haflin'
The most adorable, grumpy and intelligent human I've ever met.
Cara Edward
British British

Millie Millie
Millie Died on 04/01/2006 of renal failure aged just over 3 yrs. Go play with Dylan & Squidgy, you're our special girl, you gave us Sarah & Phoebe who we will love & look after. We will see you again when we can all be together baby girl, life is cruel!
Scottie and Selena K

Zellik Twisting Tornado (Tarik) Zellik Twisting Tornado (Tarik)
Border Collie
Not Forgotten
Zellik Twisting Tornado (Tarik)
Tarik sadly died aged 3 yrs old from Epilespy. He is a beautiful Border Collie and missed very much.
Sue Purnell
England England

Emily Emily
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Emily is a 8 week Cavalier Spaniel. Emily is so sweet but can be cheeky at other times. She is an angel from heaven.
Suzanne Kenny
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Taz Taz
Taz is a very happy dog and loves life and mostly food. He is a rescue dog and I could not wish for a better friend in life. He never lets me down and he is very much loved. He is a gem!
Suzanne T
England England

Jack Jack
Jack Russell Terrier
She's like a really cool fun dog.
Brendan Hopkins
U.K. U.K.

Jaz and Ozzi Jaz and Ozzi
Border Collie
Jaz and Ozzi
Jaz is farm bred and 2 years old and competes in Obedience shows. Ozzi is a Rescue dog from Battersea dogs home in London and is about 12 months old and will be competing in Obedience next year.
Sue Purnell
England England

Ellie Ellie
Ellie is a very friendly dog. She sings to music and looks in people's shopping bags to see if anything is for her.
Jorden Sian

Molly Molly
Mixed Breed
Molly is 2 years old, she is a Jack Russel x Chichuaha. She is very sweet and has a lovely nature. We have two other dogs, one is 15 he is a West Highland Terrier. Our other dog is 3 he is a Bishon x West Highland Terrier. We love them all!
June Parsons
England England

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