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Wiley Wiley
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Wiley is the coolest most docile dog in the world and I love him so much he is my best friend
Cassi Cassi
North Carolina North Carolina

Charlie Charlie
Boston Terrier
Charlie is a red seal Boston Terrier and he is 8 weeks old in this picture. Very sweet and loves kids. He also gives a bunch of kisses!
Ldm Mc
Indiana Indiana

Ruthie as Josephine Baker - Halloween 2009 Ruthie as Josephine Baker - Halloween 2009
Boston Terrier
Ruthie as Josephine Baker - Halloween 2009
Ruthie is my eight year old Boston Terrier who is as gentle as the wind and is loving and understanding. Ruthie is truly the best dog in the world.
Tim Francisco
Phoenix, AZ Phoenix, AZ

Saige Saige
Mixed Breed
Poodle and American Eskimo Dog! He loves his photo taken,poses all by himself. If someone in the family is sick he will not leave their side. He will sleep, cuddle, follow them around until they are well. He's easy to travel, no crying, barking, while in hotels. He refuses to go bathroom in houses/hotels. Playful, loves Cats, anyone who will pet him. Fur is long yet thin so does not matt easily. Brush once a week, sometimes more. Has no dander. Does NOT smell like a dog, unless he's dirty lol. Only barks when strangers are coming into house or when's he's in a very playful mood. Other than that he's quiet. Easy to train and very smart! Rarely sheds. Once had a dog hater spend time with him and fell in love with Saige. I got him at 3 months, he is now 3 years. Perfect stance, Perfect form, walks are perfect. Which non of which I trained him to do. Have had many people that want to take him home but sorry he's mine for life! I love him!! =)
Chelsea S.
California California

Fritz Fritz
German Shorthaired Pointer
Fritz is a loyal and loving part of the family. His favorite pass times include going out mountain biking every day and patrolling the yard for birds.
Karen D
Bend, Oregon Bend, Oregon

Daisy Daisy
Mixed Breed
I took in a stray which turned out to be pregnant. She had 8 puppies which we kept some of them, couldn't afford all. This pup here seems like she is going to be easy to train. She already fetches a ball and brings it back to me, will sit and wait for me to set her bowl of food down.
R King
Linden Tennessee Linden Tennessee

Kodak Kodak
Chinese Crested Dog
he is super cute! i love chinese cresteds!
Kenzie Edwards
nc nc

Samson (Sammy) Samson (Sammy)
Samson (Sammy)
Sammy is epileptic, but he's a trooper. He is the ambassador of our town, greeting every person and other pet. His heart is as big as he is. He loves to be outside and sits on the back steps watching the world around him and surveying his "kingdom." He is OUR world.
Bernadette Lonergan
Delaware Delaware

Kodak Kodak
Chinese Crested Dog
kodak is chinese crested powder puff! :) he is the cutest! :)
Kenzie Edwards
usa usa

Sparkles Zoey Cornbread Sparkles Zoey Cornbread
Mixed Breed
Sparkles Zoey Cornbread
These puppies are from a litter of eight I kept 4 and my daughter kept one. I wanted to keep all eight but could not afford it. The one on the left is Sparkles one we kept, Zoey is in the middle on that we could not keep, the one to the right is Cornbread my daughters dog.
Donna King
Tennessee Tennessee

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