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Mattie Mattie
Mixed Breed
My pretty dog-girl, Mattie, is a great companion. I have always wondered what possible mix of breeds she may be, but I do not know enough about this to even guess. Any thoughts on this?
Barbara Baughman
Alabama Alabama

Peanut, Ut Doots, and Cuddles Peanut, Ut Doots, and Cuddles
Peanut, Ut Doots, and Cuddles
These are our girls. A full-time job, but worth it.
Robin A
Arizona Arizona

Amosmoses Amosmoses
Amosmoses is the BEST Bully on the planet.
Amos Moses

Harley Harley
Yorkshire Terrier
Harley loves to cuddle and loves his treat, and treats. (LOL) He is 1 year old & loves his mom & dad.
Harley G
Dyer, Indiana Dyer, Indiana

Rowdy Rowdy
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
this rowdy at 6 wks. full of spunk and to lazy to move all in the same pup.
Derik Byrd
kentucky usa kentucky usa

Bentley Beefy Stamps Bentley Beefy Stamps
Bentley Beefy Stamps
we just baught our litlle baby he is an ebglish bulldog and we are loving every minute of him and so do our kids i would like to reccommend getting a bulldog for a family pet if anyone is looking. He is a wonderful dog for the family
Jennifer Stamps
rome ga rome ga

Juneau Juneau
Siberian Husky
Great dog, loves to go on long runs.
Andrew P
Florida Florida

Spencer Spencer
Spencer is a 15 month old Maltese. He is well behaved and loves people. A great breed of dog. He loves to travel in the car the shopping cart, or his carry bag, just so he is with you.
Karen Berard
Northeas, MA Northeas, MA

Sissy Sissy
We found Sissy and were not able to locate her former owner. She has become one of our family now (we have three cats also). she is a sweet natured girl and as you can tell she is anxiously awaiting Christmas.
Peggy Johnson
United States of America United States of America

Its Cold Outside Its Cold Outside
Its Cold Outside
She is the funniest dog ever. She will bite my other dogs for a treat and she loves to dress up and give lots of kisses.
Penny Davis
Indianapolis, Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana

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