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Bubba Bubba
Mixed Breed
well we were given Bubba by my cousins friend who got him from someone else. we are not sure what type of dog he is, we have had him now for 16 mos he was a lil bity thing when we got him, he was maybe 10 lbs This is the only pic I have of him at the moment, he is a very hyper dog, We would like to find out what kind of dog he is if anyone can help it would be great. he bays like a beagle but he is now 70 lbs and I was under the assumption that beagles do not get that big
K. D.W.
Tennessee Tennessee

Nakota Nakota
Australian Shepherd
Great companion! Nakota was 1 of 10 pups in the litter. I had sold her & all the other puppies when very soon after I lost her mother (Caddy) to cancer. I was heart-broken! The man who purchased Nakota heard the sad news & gave Nakota back to me! Wow! What a gift! She loves swimming in the pool, riding in the truck and most of all - being my protector (which she is very good). I fear nothing when I have my friend by my side, which is all the time!
Karyn K
Texas Texas

Cutiedumplin Cutiedumplin
Jack Russell Terrier
CutieDumplin is such a good girl! She loves to play and even wear dresses, she is so spoiled! She loves to cuddle and sleep with us every night. She is so smart too, I love her to pieces!
Crystal W

Famousamosmoses Famousamosmoses
Friendly Famous AmosMoses getting ready for bedtime.
R.J. Bennett
Faget About It Faget About It

Abigal Jane Abigal Jane
Labrador Retriever
Abigal Jane
Abby is 5yrs old lab. She came to me when I found out that I couldnt have children. She is the joy of my life. She has healed this heart of mine and others that she has touched. Her beloved side kick is a Black Lab named Lady Hope. Lady Hope is 4yrs old and also has the gift of healing a lonely heart. All you need to do is look into her eyes and then you will know you are loved. With both of these girls you will never feel alone. I see them as a gift from god. I never knew how beautiful the Lab really was until I got Abby.
Kat Laurent
Vermont.USA Vermont.USA

Fergie Fergie
Shih Tzu
After adopting Fergie from the local Animal Shelter we had her spayed. After the procedure she hated the "cone collar" she came home in; so I put a little T shirt on her instead to keep her from "worrying" about her stitches. She kept it on, no problem, and did not bother her wound. She also likes to put on her sweater to go out for a walk when it's cold out. She is very large size for a Shih tzu; she is about the size of a beagle.
WJ Reber
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Symba Marley Flores Symba Marley Flores
Mixed Breed
Symba Marley Flores
He is mixed with Lab and Husky with a great personality, friendly and loving. He is a fast runner and full of life.
Kim Flores
Margate, Florida Margate, Florida

Billy 2 Shoes Billy 2 Shoes
Miniature Pinscher
Billy 2 Shoes
Billy is a wild man!
Klw Klw

Tank Tank
Tank is very sweet, dog he will lick you to death, loves kids and loves to run and dig.
Pearlana Godfrey
Texas Texas

Keira Keira
Mixed Breed
Keira is very sweetie but oh so sassy. She is a 21 months old mini Doxie mixed with a Treeing Walker Coonhound. But, as you can see she has taken most of the Doxie traits (including attitude). She loves playing fetch with her tennis ball as long as she gets treats for returning it. She is very much of a yapper and loves to be the center of attention! Just gotta love her! LOL
Shelly D
Wisconsin Wisconsin

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