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Mitzii Mitzii
got her from the Kosciusko County Animal Shelter, from the moment i saw her, i was hooked, she gives as much love as she can. each day is great seeing this puppy enter the house. she shows her love with her little stub of a tail wagging as hard as she can. its so cute seeing it,
Jerry Deaton
ind ind

Ginger Ginger
English Springer Spaniel
Ginger is a very serious ESS. She was waiting for her cake to arrive on her birthday.
Ana A.
Virginia Virginia

Shorty Shorty
Mixed Breed
Shorty is funny, friendly and he is very sweet.
Solange C
Porter,Tx Porter,Tx

Pyg Pyg
Boston Terrier
Mmmm, I love laundry day!
Rose and Brian Proud Parents
Alabama, USA Alabama, USA

Pooter Pooter
Boston Terrier
Not Forgotten
She was the light of our lives!
Mr. Smith
Washington State, USA Washington State, USA

Beans Beans
Boston Terrier
I first met Beans when he was about 4 weeks old. He reminded me of a beanie baby & the name just stuck! We have had quite a few Bostons, but he is by far the sweetest, most effectionate I have ever known.
Onalee Smith
Washinton State, USA Washinton State, USA

C.D. C.D.
Mixed Breed
He is just CRAZY- thus his name... C. D. Crazy Dog!
Richard Smith
Washington State, USA Washington State, USA

Koda Koda
Koda lives in Maryland but he was raised in Indiana. His mommy and daddy drove 15 hours in a snow storm to get him from the breeder. Koda has a sister named Kenta. He loves to play in the snow and he loves to go to the beach. Koda loves to cuddle. Him and his sister are very spoiled. They have a futon mattress for a bed and have three pillows.
Kim Fisher
Maryland Maryland

Boy "The Brad Pitt Of All Boxers" Boy "The Brad Pitt Of All Boxers"
Boy "The Brad Pitt Of All Boxers"
Our Boxer is just so much fun. He is so beautiful, I am considering to do shows with him. Boy is the first boxer we ever owned and he truly is a delight to have in our family.
Michelle Morgan
Albion, New York Albion, New York

Matteo Matteo
Australian Shepherd
matteo was an abused dog that i rescued. he is 1 year old and living the good life now.
Rosalie Pagano

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