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Porter Porter
German Shorthaired Pointer
Porter will be a goose chaser. Think a golf course is enough room for this guy to run around?
Cris Ortiz
Norwalk California Norwalk California

Candy Candy
Cairn Terrier
Candy is a 2 year old rescued from a shelter 6 months ago. I have never had a dog before, my landloard does not allow them. She stole my heart right away, and now the landloard walks her, and considers her part of the family. The love and positive attitude is incredible. She is a very good dog.
Dodger Dave
United States United States

Sabrina Sabrina
Miniature Schnauzer
sabrina is 8 months old and quite a handful. she is overly hyper and bites very aggessively. i am plannng to bring in a professional dog trainer to my home. the positive side of sabrina is that she is extremely intelligent and loves to be around people. sabrina loves car rides and playing with her toys. she can be very loving (on her terms) lol! she has a great personality, very funny, even when she is doing something negative. i love this breed very much. this is the third mini schnauzer i have had.
Kristi Watins

Rambo Rambo
American Staffordshire Terrier
Lively, intelligent, funny, playful and most of all a great friend.
Dan Kril
Lindenwold, NJ Lindenwold, NJ

Flash Flash
Border Collie
Flash is a little ball of fur and energy. :)
Brianne F
Oakwood, Georgia Oakwood, Georgia

Rexter Rexter
This is Rexter and his soulful gaze. He is 14.5 years old, and everyday makes me smile and feel lucky we have his companionship. In his younger days he figured out and would open sliding glass doors to come into the house. He also likes to be involved in activities, and continues to sit/lay down in strategic locations where he has full view of everyone. He has a sense of humor and makes us laugh. He is a good dog, and he is my heart.
Jen Wu
California, USA California, USA

Ike And Tina Ike And Tina
Poodle (Miniature)
Ike And Tina
This is a remix of Ike and Tina all groomed up. You gotta luv them.
Nick S
Detroit, MI. USA Detroit, MI. USA

Taffy Taffy
Golden Retriever
Not Forgotten
Taffy was a very sweet dog.
California, USA California, USA

Archie aka Foofie Archie aka Foofie
Mixed Breed
Archie aka Foofie
Archie is an adorable dog. He loves to sleep(in my bed), eat, play, and then sleep some more. Archie is 5 years old.
K. E.
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Archie Archie
Archie is a fun loving chubby 5 year old. He is from the Chester County spca and loves to play and eat.
K. E.
pennsylvania pennsylvania

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