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Ace High "Gamble" Ace High "Gamble"
Labrador Retriever
Ace High "Gamble"
Gamble is a pure bread laberador retreiver with an excellent personality and a very sharp nose. We are very excited to have him as our friend and companion. In this photo Gamble is only 4 months old. He currently is just under 6 months of age and is a solid 58 lbs.
Luke Pagel
Neenah, WI Neenah, WI

Max Car Cervera Max Car Cervera
Mixed Breed
Max Car Cervera
He is not a specified Breed. He is a Russian Collie (Border Collie - Borzoi)
A Cervera
Albany Albany

Smokey "The Superboy" Smokey "The Superboy"
German Shepherd Dog
Smokey "The Superboy"
Our Super Boy.
S & T McAniston
Panama City, FL Panama City, FL

Famous Amosmoses Famous Amosmoses
Famous Amosmoses
Amos likes to be pictured FIRST, dang it!
Rj Bennett
Paradise Island Paradise Island

Gizmo Gizmo
Gizmo is almost 9 years old and still very lively. He enjoys long walks and rides in the car, so he can stick his face out the window and snort because of all the different scents. He is our first dog and very special. He's a professional beggar and is very picky when it comes to food. He knows what the good stuff is from the bad.
Buddy McDonough
Maine Maine

Betty Betty
Mixed Breed
Rescued girl, best and smartest dog ever. She is a "Wackadoodle"!
Konrad Kwiatkowski
Connecticut Connecticut

Brutus Maximus Brutus Maximus
Brutus Maximus
brutus is a fun loving fella, loves attention! love to be around people, a true friend to the end!
Rr Rr

Carly Carly
my dog loves to wach us play in the snow while starring out the window
Julia Mar
washington, bothell washington, bothell

Zeus Zeus
I think he is human. Zeus is lazy.... goofy.... and so affectionate.
Nicole Cicero
Old Bridge, NJ Old Bridge, NJ

Rubie Rose Rubie Rose
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Rubie Rose
Rubie Rose at 11 weeks old. She loves the world and loves everything she sees in life. People, dogs, cats, birds and oh bugs.
Tammy Onstott
Concord, CA Concord, CA

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