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Ginger Ginger
English Setter
Ginger is an 11 year old dog. SHes one of the best dogs I have and ever will have. She looks like a dalmation and veryone says she is but she isn't she is a very calm dog and loves to go hunting. Ginger though is getting into her own old age stage, but to us she's all the same. Ginger and I are so close we are sisters.
Taylor L.
Minnesota Minnesota

Famous Amosmoses Famous Amosmoses
Famous Amosmoses
Amos is resting after eating cookies.
R.J. Bennett

Handsome Harlee Handsome Harlee
Saint Bernard
Handsome Harlee
At the time of this posting, Harlee is a 8 month old Saint Bernard. He is such a great companion, friend and Service Dog! Yes I am training him to be my new Service Dog. My former dog had to be put to sleep because of kidney failure (Drago 10 year old Rotty). Because of a severe spinal injury I need the assistance of a smart and strong service dog and Harlee fits the bill so well. He helps me in getting out of a chair, he picks up things when I drop them on the floor. He also retrieves my shoes and will also get my coat when it's time for him to go out. I am teaching him the "Brace command" so he can assist me in getting up from the floor. He is doing great with the training.
Carl S
Waynesboro Pennsylvania Waynesboro Pennsylvania

Bosley Bosley
Gordon Setter
Not Forgotten
Bosley I will miss dearly because of his goofy smile and his big paws and his ear flapping back in the wind he was put down under a year and I felt like everything bad was going on. HE used to always chase the leaves or roll in the snow. Now my back yard is pretty empty. I decided t put him to honor hom and show him I never forget.
Taylior L
Minnesota, USA Minnesota, USA

Daisy Patches Daisy Patches
Border Collie
Daisy Patches
Introducing a high-jumping, bubble-popping, excited, energetic clown--Daisy!
Emily H
Montana Montana

Moose Moose
Moose is still a pup. Today he is 4 months old. Ive never seen a puppy have so much energy like him. He loves to play with shoes although the shoe is much bigger and than him
Daniel Benchimol
United States United States

Beauty Queen Beauty Queen
Beauty Queen
This is my Beauty Queen! She understands almost everything I say to her. She is such a diva and so animated! Life without her would be shocking. I call her "my best friend"!
D. Gregory
Cincinnati, Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio

Charlie Charlie
French Bulldog
Charlie is a very patient dog.
Traci H
Houston Houston

Izzy, Toby And Charlie Izzy, Toby And Charlie
French Bulldog
Izzy, Toby And Charlie
As curious as cats. These dogs are always front and center when there is something to build.
Omega Dogs
Houston Houston

Famous Amos Moses Famous Amos Moses
Famous Amos Moses
Amos Double Shot!
R.J. Bennett

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