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Scruffy and Snowy Scruffy and Snowy
Jack Russell Terrier
Scruffy and Snowy
Scruffy and Snowy, two Jacks who like hanging out together.
Dorset, United Kingdom Dorset, United Kingdom

Deep in Thought Deep in Thought
Jack Russell Terrier
Deep in Thought
Snowy is a typical Jack Russell. Coming from a working kennel, she is very energetic and inquisitive. She loves doing the obedience and agility and performs well at conformation shows. But what is most important to me, she is a lovely companion. Here is Snowy posing nicely with the autumn leaves... deep in thought :)
Dorset, United Kingdom Dorset, United Kingdom

Roxi Roxi
Roxi born 20/7/2005! Mischievous, cute, cuddly, noisy, nosey, naughty all in 1 bundle! My 1st Rotty.
Sharon McMillan

Boomer Boomer
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
This is my dog Boomer, he is a Dublin Red Irish Staffie and he is best dog on the planet!
Jordan Richards
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Charlie Charlie
Doberman Pinscher
This is Charlie at 7 months old. He hates water and that includes going through the car wash so he has to sit on daddy's lap.
Kerry D

Meg Meg
Lhasa Apso

Amber, Molly and Storm Amber, Molly and Storm
English Cocker Spaniel
Amber, Molly and Storm
I have three English Cockers called Amber, Molly and Storm. Amber is the eldest of the three at 9yrs and is mum to Storm who is now 7yrs. Molly is related to Amber but from another litter and she is 8yrs. They are most definitely the loves of my life and take up most of my time (and money). I love the fact that their personalities are so different and the fact that it doesn't matter whether I have been away for 2 mins or 2 hours they still greet me as if I have been away forever! They always give unconditional love and never tire of lots of love, kisses and fuss. Amber is very, very loving and adores any kind of attention, she has a wonderful smile too which she displays when she's getting a cuddle. Molly is a very solitary dog who is still very loving in her own way, when SHE wants to receive attention from you, definitely the boss of the three. Storm is just bonkers! Still a puppy at heart I think, loves her toys and brings me one of them every morning as a wake up token (usually wet and smelly from outside!).
Linz Brown
England England

Toby Toby
Mixed Breed
I have been told his parents are Jack Russells, but he is only Tan all over (except for 4 white socks).
Peter Hart

Izzy and Ozzy Izzy and Ozzy
Bull Terrier
Izzy and Ozzy
My babies Izzy and Ozzy are just the friendliest dogs, and are always up for a play! I love them to bits!
Vicki Chance
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Big Alfie and Little Mouse Big Alfie and Little Mouse
Big Alfie and Little Mouse
Alfie's insanely large! Mouse is very mucky!
Sam Johnson
England England

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