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Tyson Tyson
Tyson is an adorable 15 month old. He loves people (especially children) as well as other dogs and cats. His favorite things are playing, cuddling and giving kisses.
Dave and Cindy Slater
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Button Button
Button is a real cutie with attitude. She loves to play and for a reward she is given a doggy biscuit. She parades around the house with one in her mouth so proud of what she has and what you don't have. She is a very good watch dog too. Small but mighty.
Heather Weston
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Bugsy Bugsy
Mixed Breed
Bugsy is an American Eskimo cross Pug. He is 2 years old, and is very loving and hyper. He is all white with a double curled tail.
Kelly Critch
Canada Canada

Nero & Max Nero & Max
Bouvier des Flandres
Nero & Max
The black one is Nero and the grayish one is Max. They are cute but... well lets just leave it at that.
Melissa Heeralal
Canada Canada

Buddy Buddy
Buddy is a very cute Maltese and he can do the following tricks: Sit, Bark, Up, Paw, Roll over, ATTACK! and dance.
Stephanie Dexter
Canada Canada

Jake Jake
Labrador Retriever
My dog Jake is a male and will be 14 at the end of June. Jake is a very friendly dog, and loves to play and do all kinds of tricks. His best trick is putting his treat on his nose, and he'll leave it there until you tell him to eat it. When he is hungry he will always go get his bowl and bring it to me. And when he's mad he sighs, and you know he's disgusted. When he does something wrong, I ask him, "Who Done That?" and he puts his head down.
Terri Dickson
New Brunswick, Canada New Brunswick, Canada

Justus Justus
She is 10 months old, loves to play fetch in the snow and sleeping in the bed.
Wayne M.
Canada Canada

Shadow Shadow
American Cocker Spaniel
This is Shadow, a 8 year old Cocker Spaniel. She likes to play with her ball and run around. She also likes to play with her Brussel Griffon friends.
Lisa W.
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Sassy Sassy
Brussels Griffon
Sassy is a 3 year old Brussels Griffon. She likes to crawl on her belly and sit on your shoulder. She likes to put her face in your food hoping to get a chance of something to eat.
Lisa W.
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Sandy Sandy
Shih Tzu
This puppy has grown to be 20 lbs. The mother is 7 lbs and the father is 12 lbs. He is the king of the house now.
Heather Cornick
Newfoundland, Canada Newfoundland, Canada

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