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Dior Dior
Lhasa Apso
Dior is only 3month old right now. He is soooo friendly and likes to have fun with kids and even strangers! loool
Nada Mez
Canada Canada

Tequila Tequila
Saint Bernard
A real family member, the first one to the couch gets it.
E. Rahm
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Sadie Sadie
Cairn Terrier
She is just a dolly, my little baby girl.
Emily Lemoine
British Columbia, Canada British Columbia, Canada

Massey Massey
This is my cute little Collie boy. He is about 1 year old he is really smart and funny. Isn't he so cute?
Sydney Quinn
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Ruckus Ruckus
Miscellaneous Breed
This is my best friend Ruckus who happens to be a 6-month-old "Azores" or Cao de fila San Miguel. She's considered a rare breed and no wonder with that lamp shade around her head. She loves to chase tails and swim in the lake. I hope everyone takes the time to read up on some rare breeds. They truly make great pets and companions.
Stephane Barjolin
Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada

Bella Bella
Labrador Retriever
Bella is a three year old Black Labrador Retriever. She loves to run, Bella is the fastest dog I have ever seen. She loves kids but does not like other dogs; she is over protective of her ball when it comes to other dogs. She will throw the ball back to you so you can throw it again and she does not stop running. Bella is the greatest. And if you're looking for a good dog for a family, I highly recommend you getting a Labrador Retriever.
Brittany R.
British Columbia,Canada British Columbia,Canada

Charlie Charlie
Miniature Schnauzer
Charlie lives in Labrador. He was born in Aug 2003. He loves to ride in the car and loves people.
Gail H.
Canada Canada

Mika Mika
Siberian Husky
She is just a pup in this picture, and it shows how sweet and cute she is. She loves snow and we like to train her a bit for dog sledding, in her training harness. She lives with a cute little Toy Poodle dude named Dusty.
Jenny S.
Canada Canada

Cinnamon Cinnamon
Shih Tzu
Cinnamon is a sweet natured 7 month old male Shih Tzu. He loves to play with his toys..especially his potato chip container..ha..and to go in the car with mommy. He goes to bed every night on his own (into his crate) when daddy tells him. He has brought much joy into our lives. An amazing and intelligent little creature. What a boy!!
S. B.
Canada Canada

Sam Sam
Jack Russell Terrier
Sammy is a 3 month old silly, goofy hyper little pup with a great personality. He'll be a top flyball champ when he's all grown up and he's a loving member of our family.
Michele and Alan
British Columbia, Canada British Columbia, Canada

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