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Sisterly Love Sisterly Love
Sisterly Love
This is Sissy and her sister Ally. These two are best friends! Both loyal friends to their families!
Valerie Roy
Canada Canada

Hootch Hootch
Mixed Breed
Hootch. Still growing into his ears!
Valerie Roy
Canada Canada

Emma Emma
American Cocker Spaniel
This is my dog Emma. She is my constant companion and best friend when my wife is at work. We spoil her rotten, but that's because she brings so much joy and love into our lives.
Randy Scott
Alberta, Canada Alberta, Canada

Tristen Tristen
Shih Tzu
Tristen is an adorable 3 month old puppy. He loves to give "kisses" and loves to be the center of attention.
Karri D.
Manitoba, Canada Manitoba, Canada

Kai Kai
Kai is 7 months now - he was 4 months when this picture was taken. He's a handful, but such a clown, it's hard not to love that face.
Chandra Hopkins
Nova Scotia, Canada Nova Scotia, Canada

Alara Alara
Alara is 110lbs of affection. She is 1 yr old and the sweetest dog I know. Her love for children shows through her fast twitching stump. Her best friend is a 3 yr old boy who lives across the road. They enjoy playing hide and go seek and cuddling on the grass. She is my first Rotti and I now know I will never own another breed.
Marcy F.
Canada Canada

Ca.BPIS Ch. PekeEasy Hot Toddy Ca.BPIS Ch. PekeEasy Hot Toddy
Ca.BPIS Ch. PekeEasy Hot Toddy
Hot Toddy was my first homebred Pekingese and on his second day in the show ring he acquired his Canadian title also getting Best Puppy in show.
Mildred McInnis
Prince Edward Island, Canada Prince Edward Island, Canada

Jade Jade
Bichon Frise
She's a beautiful stunning graceful Bichon Frise. She loves to sit on the couch and watch people go by and bark at them like crazy! She's a little angel and a little trouble maker at the same time!
Samantha De Oliveira
Canada Canada

Mary Mary
Airedale Terrier
Not Forgotten
Mary is an absolute doll! Unfortunately we had to give her away.
Michele Brown
BC, Canada BC, Canada

Taz Taz
Mixed Breed
Taz is mixed with Dachshund and Yorkie. He loves to play with other dogs and he loves to sleep and cuddle. He is very loyal and affectionate to his owners.
Andrea Advincula
Canada Canada

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