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Bijoux Bijoux
Bijoux is a sweet, smart 6 month old Maltese. He is very loving and adores his family very, very much. He has a one of a kind personality and loves to play with his toy named "Willy". He is our pride and joy.
Tina Gibbs
Canada Canada

Malcolm Malcolm
Mixed Breed
Malcolm is a 3 1/2 year old Maltese/Terrier. He is very social with people and they often comment on his "old" spirit. He has a very intuitive nature. He responds with empathy to people who are not well. He will just toddle over, crawl right on their lap, give their face a few licks and then lay down as if to say "Hey, it's OK".
MJ Jacobsen
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Silly Sissy Silly Sissy
Silly Sissy
Sissy has been photographed so much lately that I think she's actually beginning to pose for the camera. What a ham bone!
Valerie Roy
Canada Canada

Sissy Sissy
Intelligent, gentle, aggressive, protective, funny, and... part of our family. Sissy is such a joy! Given to us by our daughter... she certainly is a gift!!
Valerie Roy
Canada Canada

Little Oscar Bear Little Oscar Bear
Boston Terrier
Little Oscar Bear
Oscar is 2 weeks old in this picture. I will be receiving him on Valentines Day 2005. I am so excited to welcome him into my home. I hope I have as great of an experience with him as many individuals have had with their Bostons. He is my first Boston, and he will be a little brother for my Shar-Pei, Quintsey Bear.
Ashley M.
Canada Canada

Spike Spike
Shih Tzu
Spike is a very energetic pup who loves to play every kind of game...
M. S.
Canada Canada

Sapphyre Sapphyre
Giant Schnauzer
This is Sapphyre! She is such a pretty girl!
Jojo Mullet
Canada Canada

Tessa Tessa
Bearded Collie
This is my mom's dog Tessa. She is such a hairy dog with a gentle soul. She loves hanging out with her dog sister Maggie and cat sisters Silky and Jazz.
Jojo Mullet
Canada Canada

Tara Tara
Mixed Breed
Tara is a person magnet. Everyone who sees her, compliments on how beautiful and well behaved she is. She likes chasing squirrels, getting pets and scratches. She dislikes slippery floors. I found her lonely and scared at the Humane Society and now she is the best thing in my life.
Kevin Rys
Canada Canada

Sophie Sophie
Yorkshire Terrier
This is Sophie, just one of the sweet girls that we breed. She has 11 companions and they are all just as spoiled as her.
Terry Grenzberg
Canada Canada

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