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Diesel Diesel
We rescued little Diesel just before he was about to be put down for hip dysplasia. The first day we had him we took him straight to the vet, and happily found out that his little body was growing too fast and he had growing pains. He's a little ham at only 8 months of age. He loves to pose for pictures and refuses to sleep on the floor alone, so he and my other Rotty Rammy have each got a side of my bed with little me stuck between the 2 giants!!!
Lindsey Innes
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Quincy Quincy
Shih Tzu
This is my 1-year old puppy named Quincy. He is so loving and so cute. He loves being around people and is so smart. That's why I love him so much!
Hannah Delos Santos
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Dash Dash
Bernese Mountain Dog
This is our new "little" addition to the family. He's absolutely incredible and growing like a bad weed. He was 13lbs when we got him at 8 wks and he's almost 45lbs now at 18 wks. Unfortunately he still thinks he's a "lap" dog (ha ha ha)
Lisa W.
Canada Canada

Tino Tino
Lhasa Apso
Tino is a very smart and playful puppy. He is only 4 months old.
Guillermo Lastra
Canada Canada

Mia & George Mia & George
Saint Bernard
Mia & George
This is my dog Mia and her 10 week old puppy George!!!!!! They are gorgeous aren't they!!!
Daphnie Willson
Canada Canada

Chloe & Suzie Chloe & Suzie
Chloe & Suzie
Here are my two little princesses Chloe 1.5 years who weighs 3.5lbs (left) and Suzie 8 months who weighs 4lbs (right). They are both spoiled rotten, and love sleeping under the covers with my husband and I.
Sarah H.
British Columbia, Canada British Columbia, Canada

Tobie Tobie
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
This is Tobie, my 9 month old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. She is a ham for the camera, she loves getting her picture taken.
Jeremy Matheson
New Brunswick, Canada New Brunswick, Canada

Kerra Kerra
This is our "Princess". She loves to cuddle and give kisses.
Tasha S.
Canada Canada

Jetta Jetta
Mixed Breed
This is "Jetta", a Yorkie/Toy Poodle cross, now a year and a half old. Her best friend and litter mate is "Roo", a Devon Rex Cat who thinks he is a dog. She can dance and has a mighty bark.
Brian M.
Edmonton, Canada Edmonton, Canada

Jayke Jayke
Mixed Breed
We adopted our dog Jayke about 3 months ago from the Humane Society; he is a very well behaved dog - it hasn't taken much training to get him used to living with us. We think he is a Beagle Spaniel mix. He likes to play our piano with his nose.
Janet M.S.
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

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