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Weazle Weazle
Chinese Crested Dog
This little lady captured my heart.
England England

The King The King
Pharaoh Hound
The King
Its a very rare breed.....
Syed Shah Saad Hamadani
Pakistan Pakistan

Weazle Xx Weazle Xx
Chinese Crested Dog
Weazle Xx
she has been the most wonderful companion for so many years...hope there are many more x
England England

Zac Niell Zac Niell
Border Collie
Zac Niell
Zac is a very hyper obedient 11mths old dog.He is very smart intelligent and well trained.He has lovely markings and is very tall for a collie.I am so glad he picked me!!!!
Ray Neill

Sophie &Diesel Sophie &Diesel
Basset Hound
Sophie &Diesel
Sophie is a beautiful basset hound tri-colour,she is 8 months old(very small).She is a very funny pup and lovez nothin' more than a wee lie in,howlin',playing with Diesel and she really hates going for a ride in the car(but lovez walkz).Diesel is a very funny stubbern pup and loves going for walks but unfortunetly he is not allowed out as he was sadly triggerd with arthoritis and will only live for a few years(unfortunetly)! He loves being in the house with someone that will give him attention but will cry and cry if you just sit there and ignore him! We all love him,everyone says he is one gorgeous pup and people want one just like him.Diesel is an 11mth old black basset/lab,NOOOOO one will find another dog like him!
Tara Johnston

The Ralcott Gang The Ralcott Gang
The Ralcott Gang
My Gang, mum, daughter and grand daughter. Havac, Plunder and Booh
Sue Hall
British British

Porsche Porsche
Not Forgotten
Stacy Costello

Mojo Mojo
Bearded Collie
Mojo will be three years old in June. He is very loving and very loyal. He is very zany and still behaves like a puppy but he is my best friend. My husband and I love him to bits. Bearded Collies are wonderful dogs.
Elaine Mills
England England

Nelson Nelson
Chinese Shar-Pei
Nelson is 14 months old, loves walks in the countryside, & his treats.
Tim George
uk uk

Nicnak Nicnak
Nicnak is only 5 months old but already has a big place in our hearts. He is loyal, loving, obedient and clever. We love him loads. He is a huge part of our family.
Christine Stone
United Kingdom United Kingdom

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