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Monty Monty
Mixed Breed
Monty is a mixed breed dog originally from Tortola British Virgin Islands, now living in the New Forest Hampshire. He is just getting used to the animals and running in the open grounds and loving the water.
Teresa Hughes
England England

Lily Lily
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Lily just loves to cuddle and snuggle, shes so loving and loves to go for walkies.
Charlotte Westwood
Surret Surret

Gone But Not For Gotten Gone But Not For Gotten
Not Forgotten
Gone But Not For Gotten
Flynn brought so much love and hope into our lives, rescued from a breeder, he was skin and bone... he was a wonderful dog, loved by all and truly missed. God bless and lots of hugs and kisses xxxxx
West Sussex West Sussex

Blue Blue
Basset Hound
Blue is a typical Basset he is a rogue, a rebel and the most lovable boy I have ever had the pleasure to own. He loves to play with his lifelong friend Poe who is a PUG.
Lynda Thomson
England England

Bear Bear
Not Forgotten
he is 7 month and c
David W
england england

Cassie Cassie
Cairn Terrier
Not Forgotten
Never forgotten friend
Mary Clunie
Glasgow Glasgow

Bruce Bruce
Cairn Terrier
A fun loving wee boy
Mary Clunie
Glasgow Glasgow

Oscar Oscar
Shih Tzu
oscar is a smart lovable little dog who can wrap me around his little paw! . He loves to play and roll about playing and best of all he loves to go for a walk! !
Lisa Lewis
england-south wales england-south wales

Ruby & Diesel Ruby & Diesel
Mixed Breed
Ruby & Diesel
These are my two little babies, who I love with all my heart. The brown one is Diesel and he is a presa canario x pitbull. The little white one is Ruby and she's my angel. She is a pitbull x staffy.
Emma S
Liverpool Liverpool

Ghost & Spirit Ghost & Spirit
Siberian Husky
Ghost & Spirit
Two much loved, vocal members of the family.
Jane & Dave B
Midlands Midlands

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