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Diesel Diesel
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
my dog diesel is 2 years old, great teperment and is fantastic wi my kids. he is pure tan, ive studded him once and all the pups cum out pure tan was fantastic. hes my pride and joy love him to bits.
Paula Taylor
scotland scotland

Luka Luka
Poodle (Standard)
Luka, Born 17/01/06 in North Wales. We had a Black Standard 15 years ago and really wanted a Chocolate, He is the son we never had (we have 2 daughters) What a handsome lad, Loyal, Loving and very spoilt.... Love him to bits xxxxx
Mike & Tania
hertfordshire hertfordshire

Storm And Star Storm And Star
Storm And Star
i have 3 dogs domino hes a 2 year old springer spaniel, And i have 2 sister bull mastiffs theres 13 months old, there great with my cat although little big and the cat feels squished on times, they adore the hamsters an like watching the fish, star is the gentle giant of the 2 she doesnt jump and is very relaxed and layed back, she adores my children and not forgetting us to, storm is very hyperactive we had her from 4 weeks old and i fed her baby milk during the day and night this is why i think shes to over protective of me which i hope she will grow out of, storm is protective over my 5 children and often needs to go in another room if there play fighting as she will jump in and try to stop it, she is very loving and loves to be near all of the family. domino is also very hyperactive and took some time to house train, he still chews at 2 yrs old, he loves playing with the girls and children but can be a little to snappy with both dogs and if children are running about, hes got a box of teddies and likes sleeping under the bed underneath me, i love all my dogs to pieces and the kids adore them also, cats not to fond though of 3 but he does put up with them.
Carol Walters
cardiff uk cardiff uk

Ozzi Ozzi
Border Collie
Ozzi is about 4yrs old and a Rescue dog from Battersea in London. Ozzi works in Obedience, he has a lovely temperment and we think he is a dog in a million.
Sue Purnell
Maidstone,Kent Maidstone,Kent

Uno Xx Uno Xx
Jack Russell Terrier
Uno Xx
My dog, Uno, has grown up with me! she is 12 years old in human years but is 84 in dog years! I love her to bits! She is the best dog in the world! She always has an ear infection though! She is very cute and very small, and she is very cuddley!
Chelsea Wren
Billingham England Billingham England

Tess Tess
Welsh Springer Spaniel
She is only 10 months old and very springerish lol.
Cheshire, England Cheshire, England

Jeffery Jeffery
Poodle (Standard)
Jeffery is a 9 month old Standard Poodle, full name Khyzharas Rio Ferdinand! ... he can be calm and huggable or completely nuts... loves his walks and friends and will be starting dog agility as soon as I learn to drive :D
Emma C
England England

Nicnak Nicnak
The Wonderful Nicnak is Back. He is now 15 months old. He is full of energy. Has loads of muscle. A perfect specimen of how an English Bulldog should be. He is loyal and loving and loves to sleep on the bed! At 19 1/2" tall and 69 lbs he takes up all the room!
Christine Stone
England England

Burt Burt
German Shepherd Dog
he is now 7 months old and was the runt of 13 pups. he is growing very fast.
Mark Richmond
Herfordshire Herfordshire

Titch Titch
Titch is a french mastiff the most gentle giant. Her favourite thing is watching football (soccer). We all love her.
Sharon A
Brighton England Brighton England

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