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Harley Shih Tzu Harley Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu
Harley Shih Tzu
This is my special friend Harley, He is my insperation for everyday living. Full of life and spunk.
Nicole Welder
North Dakota North Dakota

Becka Von Brolan Becka Von Brolan
German Shepherd Dog
Becka Von Brolan
Becka is a two year old German Shepherd who loves agility. Beckas father was a show dog named Zeus. Becka is a faithful loving dog.
Jessica Hunt
Wa Wa

Ozzie Ozzie
Golden Retriever
Ozzie is 4 1/2 months. He is a very active and into everything. He is like having a two year old in the house. You have to keep an eye on him at all times. He is a very loveable pup.
C T.
Usa Usa

Toby & Hooch - Best Buddies! Toby & Hooch - Best Buddies!
Mixed Breed
Toby & Hooch - Best Buddies!
Our dogs are best friends, when they are quiet, they need to be touching each other in some way. Our larger mixed breed dog (lab, shepard, rottie) was 1 year old when we decided he needed a pal. We were given a chocolate lab puppy and they have been best buddies ever since!
Usa Usa

Tazzy Tazzy
Toy Fox Terrier
This is Tazzy at 3 months old. She is so sweet!
Shelby Palmer
Oklahoma,Usa Oklahoma,Usa

Zellabell Zellabell
Mixed Breed
Zella is an extremely intelligent pitbull mix. Shes five months and can understand words already (especially "cookie") Shes a little escape artist, but never leaves the yard. She sits on my lap to watch tv everyday, even though shes getting kinda heavy(40 lbs)i love to cuddle with her. We'd like to wish you a merry christmas
Jenna G
Usa Usa

Oliver Oliver
Boston Terrier
my dog is so lazy just leave him alone
Dana Gantt
Usa Usa

Jazzy! Jazzy!
Boston Terrier
I got Jazzy after my only son, 23, passed away. She's very well mannered and likes to pose for pictures. Stares you right in the eyes, unlike most dogs. Does all the basic doggy tricks. She makes me smile:)
Ja M
Usa Usa

Raja Raja
Rhodesian Ridgeback
My dog Raja is a wonderful dog.
Jessica Hunt
Usa Usa

Lil Lil
She is sweet
Hope Walden
United States Of America United States Of America

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